by Dakota Rivers



Thank you so much for watching! Comment what you guys want to see in the future!

1:18 – Upper Body
3:08 – Lower Body
4:29 – Core


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  1. Dakota Rivers

    Guys, I forgot to mention in the video. Please separate upper body days with your lower body days. You do not have to do all of this in one day. Much love to all of y’all. ❤️

  2. Alvin

    Guys how much recover time I should do between the sets

  3. Yukiteru

    What is the rest time between sets??

  4. kzzn

    this workout is crazyyy

  5. Aaryan Prakash

    Are the ladder pushups supposed to make your shoulders activate so much?


    Hey bro, absolutely perfect video and demonstration’s!😄, but I just gotta ask.. how long break should i take between each set? Love your content!

  7. Hamdan messi

    Intense workout good for skinny people reply

  8. greasysoup

    Thanks bro.

  9. mir

    how long should rest be between sets?

  10. Mr. Positive

    Wasssup Dakota broski. I've been following your workout plan for almost a year now on and off, but the past 4 months was the most consistent I have ever been with this set workout, and I have made gains. I started the summer at 165 lbs now I am up to 172lbs currently and for some reason I could never get pass the 170 thresholds but now I am, just wanted to say thank you bro. I have seen some major improvements in my body as well as my basketball game, vert has definitely increased a little bit as well. So, I was wondering what's the update on this workout? I know you did videos for beginners but it's not necessarily the same as this one, are you still doing the 4/day or is there something new ?, possible update video? Appreciate everything bro!

  11. Fighter warrior

    But should we do it every day?

  12. Tantoo

    this mans a beast like bro if you dont make it to the nba life is rigged

  13. Tantoo

    bro does 450 pushups for one upper body workout

  14. jeshe mbeleelo

    Should make a follow along On the Same exercise

  15. Maksymilian Gomuliński

    Without your videos my friend wouldn't ever consider doing any type of exercise

  16. ELVINO

    What if im Not Abel To do 25 Push ups a row?

  17. TH Prod.

    Thanks a lot I’m a ten year old just trying to make the middle school team next year, and I think this will help me a lot to get in shape. Thank you. Btw you earned a sub😊

  18. Dr Sins

    I’ve been doing this since the start of april,i started off at 160 lbs and now i weight 175 lbs from this workout and eating a lot of protein

  19. IHaveAMigraine

    If I reach failure should I end the set or half rep it out?

  20. Kdoefrm260

    Thank you so much for helping your community to get better bro god bless❤️

  21. bruskocheng

    bro i try do the work out but only i can do is 1 set 🙂 but its worth it

  22. Retro Vlogs

    Your videos are amazing

  23. Deepa

    Will working out reduce my agility and speed in basketball..

  24. Tyler Puccetti

    I’m in 7th grade this is really gonna help me

  25. Eddy Okpako

    You're the real deal bro

  26. /hitmonlee/

    101'000 subs, lessgo

  27. M&N

    This workout possible for a 15y old?

  28. fn Papa 8

    Doesn't it matter how old you are and should you do everything that you show so you should do it every day?

  29. Luca Girotti

    Thank you so much❤

  30. nsiz


  31. Speed gang

    Ladder push up hard for me what should i do

  32. Annoyer

    This workout will help to gain muscle like ..?

  33. Poster_Luke

    If I did this everyday would this help with weight loss to?

  34. 4rri

    aye what is the background music called‼

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