About US

What is Halfwayfoods?

It is an eternal quest for both the nutritious and delicious in the world of gastronomy. But how did this quest begin?

One evening, I was out with my lovely wife and strolled through a Whole Foods Market here in Portland, Oregon. As we were standing in the store surrounded by the finest of the earth’s bounty on that mid-winter’s eve, my thoughts began to wander.

“What makes a whole food?”

At that point my brain took a dizzying journey through the grand array of foods of which we have had the pleasure of partaking in our lifetime. As we completed the gastronomical tour de force and returned to the present, a profound realization came to me:

Most foods are either nutritious or delicious. Many foods which are pleasing to the palette are often disagreeable to the organism. On the other hand, there is any number of foods which, if faithfully ingested, will keep us healthy as a horse, yet they lack the basic element which greatly aids said ingestion: Flavor.

And so began the eternal quest for the halfwayfood. A halfwayfood is that rare food or dish which manages to combine the essential elements of both edibility and nutrition. They are foods that appeal to the palette as well as the organism.

Where can we find halfwayfoods? If we are paying attention, we will find them all around us, often in the most unlikely of places. Halfwayfoods is dedicated to seeking out the halfway foods of the world and informing our readers of them. Along the way, we find ourselves exploring not only foods, but halfway drinks, halfway eating establishments, and more importantly, halfway ideas.

We are pleased that you have joined us on this quest! Please feel free to peruse the site and naturally, if you have a halfway food, drink, establishment, or idea which you would like to share with the world, simply send it to us, and we’ll get it on the site!

Alternatively, send it to us on twitter or shoot us an email at and we will post if for you.

Thanks again for joining us on our quest and welcome to Halfwayfoods. Happy eating!