Hips Dips Workout | 10 Min Side Booty Exercises ? At Home Hourglass Challenge


by Chloe Ting



Time for a booty workout for hip dips as part of the new hourglass challenge. Stay safe and take care of yourself while in isolation. Do leave a comment below for any questions about building your booty, or you can also check out my new discord server which is where people who watch my videos or livestreams can hang out to chat and support each other.

Full program schedule at https://www.chloeting.com/program
Episode 1 – https://youtu.be/cIuiQyfKBTg
Episode 2 – https://youtu.be/LjmZ1YMOwws
Episode 3 – https://youtu.be/ywJgsm5mkkQ
Episode 4 – https://youtu.be/AQ-zcv_viAo

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Please note that all of my videos are titled according to SEO best practices for content discoverability. Unfortunately this may mean that video titles are subjective and shouldn’t be seen as absolute truth. As an example, targeting fat reduction is not scientifically proven but a video title might suggest otherwise. When following any of my videos, please take precaution to exercise in a safe environment, and I highly suggest seeing a health and fitness professional to give you advice on your exercise form and dietary needs. Every person is unique and there is no one size fits all solution to health or fitness. I am not a medical professional and your health and safety is the utmost importance.


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  1. chourouk _증가_7

    اليوم الثاني عشر 5/1/2023 الخميس

  2. 𝑆𝑐𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑚

    i dont have hip dips, my hips are just straight and not curvy lol, this workout will still help them be rounder right?

  3. Ar3ha.n_

    Hice el anterior video y ahora voy con este, pero con los últimos dos ejercicios del otro el brazo se me tensa y me duele😭

  4. chourouk _증가_7

    اليوم الحادي عشر 4/1/2023 الاربعاء

  5. Tatiana Pastrana Ajata

    Yo lo intentaré hasta el fin de este mes,ayúdenme a recordar porfa
    Día 1: ✔
    Día 2:
    Día 3:
    Día 4:
    Día 5:
    Día 6:
    Día 7:

  6. chourouk _증가_7

    اليوم العاشر 3/1/2023 الثلاثاء


    These 25 days are worth it 💪💄

  8. Sunflower 🌻

    Anyone else here for there New Year’s resolutions

  9. chourouk _증가_7

    اليوم التاسع 2/1/2023 الاثنين

  10. meli-ey •

    Imma do this for 2 months nd I'll update u guys!
    Day1: this thing is hard i feel like I'm burning but it's okay thooo i just finished it

  11. Tisiana Rojas

    Desde hoy lunes 2 de enero empiezo😋👍

  12. Phylle Soriano

    I just want to ask is it okay to exercise at night like before u sleep?

  13. chourouk _증가_7

    اليوم الثامن السبت 31/12/2022

  14. Adixiie

    I'm going to do this workout from 1 to 2 months, I'll keep y'all updated ! 🙂
    first month:
    day 1: ✅
    – Tbh it was pretty hard and I felt like every parts of my body were burning lmao (no changes can be seen yet)
    day 2: ✅
    – Nothing special, I feel like I did better than the first time I did this workout c:
    day 3: ❎
    – I took a day off today hehe 🙂
    day 4: ✅
    day 5:
    day 6:
    day 7:
    day 8:
    day 9:
    day 10:
    day 11:
    day 12:
    day 13:
    day 14:
    day 15:
    day 16:
    day 17:
    day 18:
    day 19:
    day 20:
    … later lol

  15. Fip 🖤

    This video so trash lol

  16. Yay😜

    Doing this for however long 🫶 I’m also doing other workouts 💕
    Day 1- Already see a small difference!!
    Day 2- I love this workout, not much difference but I feel great 🫶 It’s tough
    Day 3- no difference but I’m sick so it was hard 🙁
    Day 4- only got 25% through, it’s so late and people are running around my house+I’m sick
    Day 5- Done 😋
    Day 6- done 🪱
    Day 7- done 😋
    Day 8- done not much difference but that’s okay

  17. luna

    Idk why i don’t feel nothing when doing this, ig not for everyone it hits the same 🙁 or idk if am doing something wrong… someone help?

  18. chourouk _증가_7

    اليوم السابع 29/12/2022 الخميس

  19. chourouk _증가_7

    ألبوم السادس 28/12/2022 الأربعاء

  20. Ken Ichinose

    Imma try to do this for a month or so !!
    Day 1: I'm a lil bit out of shape, but I finished the workout and felt the burn!
    Day 2: See ya tomorroww, if u see this feel free to remind me bhahah 😉

  21. chourouk _증가_7

    اليوم الخامس 27/12/2022 الثلاثاء

  22. chourouk _증가_7

    اليوم الرابع الاثنين 26/12/2022

  23. chourouk _증가_7

    اليوم الثالث 25/12/2022 الاحد

  24. Sweetie

    Can a 12 year old do this exercise??

  25. chourouk _증가_7

    يوم الثاني السبت 24/12/2022

  26. Natasha

    ¿Quien más esta haciendo la rutina en el 2022?

  27. chourouk _증가_7

    آول يوم 2022 /23/12 الجمعة اتمنى تحقيق هدفي

  28. Nakita Bull

    ima do this for 3 months or until i get the results i want!
    day 1: burns and very tired

  29. Tasnim é Saoudi


  30. _asuka♡

    I'm starting rn , I'll give you update

  31. Jayden Change

    i am going to do this for a month, wish me luck 🙂

  32. AshleeGood

    Día 1:✅
    Día 2:

  33. Mia

    The “little rainbows” don’t feel so little

  34. nakulu

    ima do this for a month so lets go!
    day 1 : it was tiring n it burns but im fine <3
    Day 2 : it still burns no difference but its getting easier
    Day 3 : damn i can see just alittle bit of changes but it's worth it see yall tmr <3
    Day 4 : damn it's getting rlly easy no difference today (sorry for forgetting to update ya'll
    Day 5 : no joke there r some changes omg it's getting alot easier day by day but it still burns tho
    Day 6 : sorry couldn't update ya'll I was hella busy but I did write them on my notes so here ya go xd. It was tiring today but I can really see the difference now even my Mum noticed it!
    Day 7 : omg ya'll I'm starting to really see it, it's get easier day by day n I'm starting to really love my body!
    Day 8 : okay no difference today but it burns n drinking lots of water also really helped alot with my skin it got clearer because I was drinking lots of water while doing these exerises!
    Day 9 : I'm really loving my body ya'll like no joke I can't I was crying yesterday because of how much my hips dips were gone but yes it really did help, it got really easy n I'm very happy with how my hip dips looked it's not really visible anymore!
    Day 10 : no difference today n it was so fun doing this my cousin wanted to do it with me lol but yea no difference today n it's pretty easy now
    Day 11 : abit of difference my mum actually asked me ab my hip dips she was like "what did u do to your body ur hip dips aren't really visible anymore" lmao I just said "magic" but yea it still burns for me tho even if it's getting much easier
    see ya'll tmr!

  35. GTN ?¿?

    Men usually underestimate these exercise, but they are really important also for us.

  36. k_o0ou


    Día 1: ✔
    Día 2:
    Día 3:
    Día 4:

    Día 5:

    Día 6:

    Día 7:

    Día 8 :

    Día 9:

    Día 10 :

    Día 11:

    Día 12 :

    Día 13:

    Día 14 :

  37. abegail duhapa

    is this workout safe for a person with mild scoliosis?

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