30 MIN LOW IMPACT Full Body Workout – No Equipment – No Jumping – No Repeat


by growingannanas



A 30 MINUTE APARTMENT FRIENDLY Workout – No Jumping, No Equipment, No Repeat! Low Impact does not mean low Intensity – This Workout will burn calories and fat + strengthen and tone your Muscles ♥︎ I hope you enjoy working out with me and the TEAM and most importantly HAVE FUN!

Please remember that we are all different and that you can make this your own workout ♥︎ Take a longer break when you need to.

▸ Workout Focus: Cardio, Muscle Toning
▸ Time: 30 Min + 5 Min Warm Up
▸ Equipment: NO EQUIPMENT

▸ Workout Instructions: Follow along and complete as many reps as possible in 50 Seconds. After 10 Seconds of Rest continue to the next move.

▸ Join the OFFICIAL TEAM GROW Community Group:

Please remember that we are all different and that you can make this your own workout ♡ Take a longer break when you need to.

▸ The Workout:
1. Warm Up 0:00 – 05:20
2. Workout 05:21 – 35:08

♡ Music: https://www.epidemicsound.com

♡ Workout Challenges & Guides: http://growingannanas.com

♡ My @foodspring Supplements: https://www.foodspring.de

♡ My @Gymshark Outfits: https://gym.sh/Shop-Anna-E

♡ The Gear I Use:
Camera: https://amzn.to/3aticKD
Lens: https://amzn.to/3cCiujR
Tripod: https://amzn.to/2zontX9
Microphone: https://amzn.to/34VaKXH

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If you are a newbie start with a simple and easy exercise before attempting all advanced exercises. Performing exercises out of your capability might strain your muscles and you may get injured.

This channel offers health, fitness and nutritional information. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. By performing any fitness exercises without supervision like with this video, you are performing them at your own risk. See a fitness professional to give you advice on your exercise form. Growingannanas will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of this video.


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  1. golden- dreams

    This workout video was just right for me as I can't do the burpees or anything with jumping because of my c section . And also I don't like too much movement with the head area .

  2. Vanessa Hattaway

    Is there a particular order in which the workouts are done?

  3. Marissa A

    Almost gave up at 30%. Kept going. Did modifications and did only some of the exercises for 35 seconds instead of 45, but I did it…. And I’m drenched 🥵

  4. My creations

    I was 75 kgs at the age of 12 and now at the age of 15 i am 54 kgs and 5'3 thanks for helping me anna… I don't take any rest days and do tabata and strength workouts from monday-saturday and no jumping workouts on sundays…
    So all you need is to be consistent 🤜🏻
    All the best for your goals! 👊🏻

  5. Atiqa Iftikhar

    Can you guide me why do my wrists hurt with workout that involves stress on hands..rest of the workout was superb but cant do many in which wrists pressure is involved

  6. CatLady71

    Oh wow…feeling the burn for sure lol 50 seconds felt like forever with some of those moves. Will be back here for more low impact workouts.

  7. Daniela Pilquil Varas UNIACC

    Love it! It's been long since I found a workout that I like, thanks for this excellent routine that you've made dear 💕

  8. Evo Kan

    thanks a lot

  9. Christine R

    Girl, 13 minutes in I'm calling it. I'll try again tomorrow 😅

  10. Tsania Razes

    First time with 50 second for interval workout and killed it

  11. Алина Лайт

    The loveliest workout! Dear Anna, thank you so much for creating it 🙏

  12. gigi

    thanks this workout is hip pain friendly

  13. Daphne Blaszkewycz

    Just saw a dude that was bashing Anna's workouts. First thing I did after seeing it… I pulled out this workout. Keep it up Anna we love you! Thank you for everything! ❤‍🔥

  14. vivian2307

    Am I the only one who doesn’t feel a stretch for the cross legged butterfly? Just curious maybe I’m too chubby 😂

  15. Dulce Dominguez

    i been doing this exercises for a week and havent see a lot of change in my body (wich is normal cause its been just a week) but i alredy feel stronger and im so happy already 🙂

  16. Carolina AO

    I’m back, I can’t even do 20 percent of this workout. Lets see how much time it takes me to be able to do this. Day 1

  17. Shadowwolf360

    yall, if this is your first time doing this and you can't make it through the whole video, don't be ashamed! I doubt many people doing this for the first time could make it through. I've never been athletic, im about 185 lbs and i made it to 9:30 my first time (warm-up included). you can do this, just have patience and you will see results.

  18. ridinreiners

    Similar to MadFit, but MadFit talks through the video to tell you about proper form or a modification for harder movements, such as pushups, which helps people get full benefit from the video and avoid injury. Growingannanas does none of that. It”s too bad because it’s a good workout. Also, why is her butt up in the air during plank exercises? That’s poor form.

  19. Maria Jordan

    Best workouts I've ever experienced in over 30 years. The science behind the sweat is everything.

    I would love to see maybe a modified version in the background for some of the more challenging body weight and core moves that allow us to build up to the point of where you're at. Maybe a small video in the background with a few reps ❤ thanks again for all you do

  20. Keith Black

    Excellent Low impact no Jumping work out fantastic ❤🔥😂

  21. beacode

    Thank you so much! It was great!

  22. Megha

    what is the exercise done at 15:44 called ?

  23. The Oubres Life Chronicles

    I got to 88% and I can't do anymore. I'm the most sweaty I have ever been doing low cardio lol 💪🏻

  24. Emmy Parise

    hello you are very good does this lesson help the muscles and burn calories even if without jumping?

  25. TIMMY

    Why the download option not available

  26. TIMMY

    Is it good for pcod patient

  27. Dana Sbaih

    I want to try this 3_4 times a week and see what happens to my body
    Day 1 ✅️ i could barely move my body, starting weight 73 kgs, and I will update you of my weight and measurements.
    I fell and injured my foot, so here I am back
    Day 2 ✅️: Surprisingly, it's a little easier than last time, burned a total of 170 calories, max heart rate 155 bmp
    Day 3✅️: Rest day
    Day 4 ✅️: Did my best 👌 max calories burn 180 kcal, max heart rate 167 bmp.
    Day 5 ✅️: I switched it up a little this time. I did a different 30 min workout from her channel https://youtu.be/HuYoYJX9pgU
    This is more of a cardio hint low impact workout, and I am literally drenched with sweat😰 I burned almost 100 extra calories than before💃.
    Cal. 🔥:287 kcal , max heart rate 177bpm. I recommend adding this to your weekly routine for an extra push.

  28. Lavrin Farovych

    this is absolutely not a LOW IMPACT !!! 😡👎👎👎👎 Change the name

  29. gal galaxy

    Almost stopped at 16:30 but managed to finish it, this sure is a killer😂, great workout !❤

  30. Ali Woodburn

    Amazing pre bikini workout

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