Loaded Tater Tot Nachos (Totchos)


by Sil Pancho



Get ready to faceplant into the most epic loaded Tater Tot Nachos of your life! These easy cheesy totchos are smothered in a melty cheese sauce and all your favorite toppings!

Loaded Tater Tot Nachos topped with Cheese, Sour Cream, Pico de Gallo, Jalapeños, Bacon and More

So here’s the thing about tater tot nachos…

Once you try them, you’ll never go back to plain tots again!

The combination of crispy golden tater tots and an impossibly luscious nacho cheese sauce is legendary all on its own. Add spicy jalapeños, crisp bacon, fresh sour cream and a fresh sprinkling of scallions and I’m borderline obsessed.

This easy cheesy appetizer is kind of a big deal around here. I easily make them once or twice a month and we’re no stranger to calling a sheet pan-o-totchos dinner when the craving strikes. I mean it has all four food groups so…

Say Cheeeeeeese!

This rockin’ recipe features cheese from Cabot Creamery Co-operative. They make the BEST cheddar cheese. It’s super flavorful (especially when you snag one of their famous sharp cheddars) and melts effortlessly into the most crave-able nacho cheese sauce.

I’m so happy to partner with Cabot to make this easy cheesy recipe a reality! Their cheeses are easily the star ingredient of recipes like my Ultimate Veggie Sandwich (featuring a homemade pimento cheese – YUM!) and Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad.

Cabot is a co-operative owned by farm families throughout New England and New York. They’re a certified B corporation and 100% of the profits go back to the farmers.

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