What Type of Oil Should I Use?


by Sil Pancho



Over the years, cooking oil has evolved from one type to another. So when you go to a section of the supermarket and look for cooking oils, you’ll see an overwhelming variety of them that you can choose. This wide variety of cooking oil is because there are different types of oil and uses in cooking which has surfaced through time. Read on to know what kind of cooking oil should you use for a particular type of cooking.

Preferred Cooking Oil To Stay Healthy

A healthy heart is what everyone wants. Promoting a healthier lifestyle is the reason why consumers look for healthier alternatives for cooking oils. The following types of oil are often used for salad dressings but are now used in frying healthy meals such as salmon and tuna.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

This oil is one of the healthiest because of how powerful it is in preventing heart diseases. In addition, this natural oil is high in antioxidants and monounsaturated fats. Extra-virgin olive oil can be used as salad dressing, marinade, and a healthier substitute for butter.

Avocado Oil

This oil is rich in healthy fats and reduces the cholesterol levels of whoever consumes it. It also benefits the eyes and improves skin. Cooking with avocado oil is no different from cooking with olive oil.

 Preferred Cooking Oil for Baking

Who doesn’t love pastry? Of course, we love to load ourselves with sugary desserts but did you know they also have oil as an ingredient?

Canola Oil

This neutral-tasting oil is best for baking because it doesn’t affect the actual taste of the pastry. Canola oil is a vegetable oil that bakers commonly use because it doesn’t affect the flavoring of their cakes or bread. Other perks of using this are that it is cheaper in the market.

Preferred Cooking Oil for Roasting

There are different types of oil and uses in cooking, but roasting requires a certain kind of oil to make sure that the food is cooked evenly on all sides. There is also specific oil for the particular type of food that you should choose when roasting.

Coconut Oil

Use coconut oil for flavorful food. For a warm but neutral taste, you should use coconut oil when roasting. It has a distinct flavor that compliments the food. Just make sure to use a lower oven temperature for this.

Palm Oil

Use palm oil for fat and flavorful roasting. Palm oils are very affordable and used by a lot of people. Therefore, this oil must be the crowd’s favorite, not only because it is cheaper but because of its high smoke point that is ideal for roasting. Too bad it is high in saturated fat that makes it unhealthy when consumed in excessive amounts.

Olive Oil

Use olive oil for a healthier roasting. Olive oil is the best choice when roasting. You can use it on your vegetables, chicken and everything else. It is a solid choice because it meets the standard roasting temperature needed. Not to mention, it is also healthier compared to other cooking oils out there.

Preferred Cooking Oil for Frying

Among all the different types of oil and uses in cooking, oils used for frying must be the most common. Frying food is the most basic and often go-to of every individual that needs food right away. So many cooking oils are used for frying, but these three were on top of the list based on what consumers purchase the most.

Canola Oil

This must be the most versatile oil there is. All thanks to its neutral flavor, canola oil is also one of the best choices when frying.

Avocado Oil

With the highest smoke point on the list, this oil is perfect for frying. However, it gives off a hint of sweetness which makes it perfect for fried desserts than other fried food.

Safflower Oil

This comes close to avocado oil when it comes to a high smoke point. Although, compared to the sweetness of avocado oil, safflower has a more neutral taste which makes it more suitable for frying. The only downside is it is more expensive.


At the end of the day, choose a cooking oil that best suits your taste, your health, and your cooking style is what matters the most. Enjoy cooking!

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