00:00 Upper Body Dumbbell Workout
00:08 Incline Dumbbell Bench Press
00:46 Incline Dumbbell Fly
01:26 Alternate Arm Dumbbell Press
02:00 One Arm Dumbbell Row
02:38 Dumbbell Deadlift
03:12 Dumbbell Reverse Grip Row
03:44 Seated Dumbbell Overhead Press
04:22 Seated Dumbbell Lateral Raise
05:02 Dumbbell Shrug
05:35 Curl Into Press
06:17 Dumbbell Alternate Biceps Curl
07:15 Dumbbell Standing Hammer Curl
07:49 Reverse Grip Dumbbell Extension

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  1. bounim lakhal

    Very Nice 👍🇲🇦🙏

  2. Jet Wizard

    Should i slim person like me be doing this please i would like to no?

  3. Дмитрий Кочнев

    Музыка на 4 минуте?😭😭 Скажи пожалуйста 🤪

  4. Nalikhuleni

    I love it coz there's no talking in them just the workout which is easy to follow

  5. θ҉η҉ρ҉ί҉ο҉

    what to do if im doing chest on floor and when i do it i dont feel it burn or something like that

  6. Youichiro Ledesma

    im newbie i am planning on doing this, can you give me a right program?
    im planning to do, mon-upper body workout, tuesday-lower, wednesday- upper, thursday-lower, friday- jogging/running, sat&sun-rest
    how many set and reps do i need?
    im planning to do your mention videos

  7. Peautiful Benis

    I got all I need to do these at home! Thanks!

  8. Raf453

    Can you do the incline workouts on your bed? Will it have the same results?

  9. Abdur Rehman

    Can you please guide on how to improve biceps, I have been trying alot but haven't been able to get a defined bicep…… my bicep muscle doesn't start showing from the elbow it starts way up and looks flat even though I have been working out for over two years now

  10. ARM. O93


  11. Mr. GiGitix

    Wooo… 👍

  12. Nick Losoya

    Love the music, who is this

  13. Neo Lazo

    Great workout …all thiose dudes where on juice tho

  14. parth Vyas

    Parth Vyas

  15. Gabriel

    Is this video for full body workout, and with how manny kilo dumbell you need to do this exercise if your a beginner?

  16. Benjamin Deborah Kobayashi

    Guys I am a beginner so can somebody please tell me what should be the amount of weight required for each dumbells for all the workouts (thx so muchh)

  17. Tallica

    O conteúdo é muito bom, mas a trilha sonora é de doer!

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