Some time ago, our family was introduced to what we know as Kangen water.  While the concept was a bit difficult to understand, our hippie tendencies led us to give it a try.

The people who run the coop had quite a bit of experience treating health issues such as cancers, arthritis, and allergies through eating natural foods.  However, they told us that when they stumbled upon what they simply referred to as “The Water,” they dropped everything and began immediately guiding people to this, for the health improvements were much more dramatic.

We tried “The Water” for roughly a year, which involved taking five gallon jugs to the coop and filling them up for the week.  “The Water” held its properties for a few days and then dwindled off into mere H2O, which isn’t half bad as it is.

While we did not have any health issues, we noticed that we simply felt better, and that “The Water” was extremely refreshing.  While we always desired to have a machine in our house, the roughly $4,000 price tag was way out of our price range.  We contented ourselves with filling up during our trips to the coop.

When our second son came along, the trips to the coop became fewer and farther between (it was quite a journey in the Portland area) as both time and money became scarce.  However, the feeling that we had when drinking “The Water” remained etched in our memory.  One day, we would get a machine.

Roughly three years, later, we have finally purchased the machine.  It is set to arrive next week.  However, after doing some research, we decided to go with the Enagic JRII, the three plate model of Enagic’s Leveluk line.

We landed on the JRII primarily for cost, it runs $2,400 (with shipping) as opposed to roughly $4,400 for Enagic’s flagship home model, the SD501.  We are young and do not have any health issues.   However, with Obamacare kicking in full blast in 2014, we see drinking alkaline water (for moderating the acidic nature or one’s body is perhaps the key to reversing the effects of many modern day ailments) as a preventative measure.

The JRII will give us the same health effects, indeed, it can produce water of the same quality as the SD501 while using less power.  The catch is it does not hold its structure (the double helix structure) as long as water produced with the SD501.  It also requires an additive to produce the 11.5 ph water, which is the highest setting of “The Water” (aka Kangen water).

However, while too much acid in the body can be bad, a sudden swing towards high alkalinity poses its own risks.  For this reason, we see the JRII as superior in that its supposed weaknesses, the fewer plates and lower electrical load, resulting in a lower base alkalinity and a shorter period for the double helix structure, for our purposes is its strength.

In terms of cars, why would one purchase a Corvette when they just want a Volvo?  The JRII will be our Volvo.

As distributors, we are attempting the unique tactic of selling the line of Enagic Kangen Water machines as a preventative measure.  We have heard it elsewhere called “Health Insurance in your tap.”  Indeed, with the disincentives for young people to buy health insurance baked into the Obamacare legislation,* we propose, for those who have no major health issues, to purchase a major medical policy and spend the savings on a JRII.  Drinking the water will not only help you feel great, it should keep most of the negative health effects of acidity at bay.

If one really wants to live on the edge, Obamacare will allow you to eschew health insurance, that nasty expense, altogether in favor of paying a $95 tax (fine) each year.  On top of that, since the insurers will no longer be able to turn people down with pre-existing conditions, a young person can safely wait until they feel sick to sign up for an insurance plan.

For all of its weaknesses, the point and spirit of Obamacare is to get the public focused on proactive measures to improve their health.  With the JRII, you can safely take a huge step to proactively managing your families health for an economical price.  You can get the benefits of going alkaline, as we are, without the risk of overdoing it, which is important if you have young kids.

There are many water ionizers on the market, but none are of the caliber of the Enagic line.  We invite you to join us on this adventure.  If you would like more information on the JRII or Enagic’s growing product line, drop us a line a  We’ll give your our honest opinion as we get into this adventure, something that is hard to find as one researches water ionizers on the internet.

You and your family are worth it.  To your health!