SMALLER WAIST and LOSE BELLY FAT in 14 Days | Home Workout


by Lilly Sabri



Do this at home workout to get a smaller waist and lose belly fat in 14 days. No equipment needed. I will show you easy and intense exercises for how to lose belly fat and small waist from home. Do this workout challenge for 14 days to see results! Beginner modifications included.

Day 23 of the 40 Day Summer Shred Challenge

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  1. Li Qing

    How to warm up a dog?

  2. justaperson

    Dog is a paid actor😂

  3. Beth L


  4. Samira Beck

    Vielen lieben Dank für das Training ❤

  5. Charlotte

    the amount of times his lady has me spreding my buttcheeks, you would think she was my girlfriend!

  6. Sophie

    i’ve been doing this since the end of 2021 and the results have been insane

  7. Miranda Willie

    Am I supposed to do this for 14 days then if I lose the weight I can move on to a new video or how does this works I have no idea how losing weight works

  8. Drone Pilot

    I love that dog!!!

  9. reemas awad

    I've been doing this for 3 weeks and I didn't see difference 😕
    Idk what is my problem

  10. VwithBANGTAN♾️🌈

    I always like done with 1 workout video then i get sad because i dont see any results i don't know what's wrong with me my height is not increasing and also not even lossing weight 😖😖😖

  11. Aurora

    I'm gonna try this for 14 days and more if I feel like it! Wish me luck lol!

    Day 1 : Well it's the first day and if you're not much into excercise then it's gonna be tough for you just like me. Maybe you will not be able to do the 45 secs of some of these exercises today but don't lose hope!
    Day 2 : The excercises became a little bit easier but i couldn't hold planks on one side and fell in the midway loo, I'm sweating like crazy though.
    Day 3 : The side planks are still a little hard

  12. Brooklyn

    I have only been doing this for 9 days but it is working so well, I am a teen and just want to feel a little more confident and I did have minor abbs before but they are way more defined and my waist is definitely getting smaller. Starting to see an hour glass. For all those struggling on the side planks I still have trouble doing them, they suck but at least we suck at them together 💀

  13. Don't yell at me I'm soft

    hi ill comment my progress to keep me motivated and tell others if it worked! I'm a 52kg 160cm female just for reference and I eat 1200 cals maximum everyday.

    day 1: reallyyy felt the burn, i saw the gates of heaven doing the side plank but i'm finally done!

  14. hearts4horror

    attempting this again because I’m desperate to lose weight and feel healthier:

    DAY ONE:
    I did pretty okay! I did have to use some of the modified version, but I have hope that I can get better at it ☺️🫶🏻
    have a lovely day! You got this lovely 💗

  15. Mia

    Starting this tomorrow, I’ll update ya’ll on how it’s going !

  16. Elyse Bernard

    You might like finding Pilates or Yoga with Nicole ☀️

  17. Luana Pedrosa

    Two weeks here I go:
    ✅Day 1
    ✅Day 2

  18. Candace Morris

    I’m gonna tell you how this workout goes!

    Start waist circumference 86cm:

    Day 1 ✅ hollllyyyy molllyyy damn. This was hard. Especially the plank. My arms aren’t very strong so I kept falling 😂 but I feel the burn.

    Sorry guys I forgot to edit and made a new one accidentally. 😂

    Day 2✅ damn this is still so hard for me but it was easier than the first day

    Day 3 ❌ I took a rest day

    Day 4 ✅ it was okay this day I still struggle on the last one. The plank is actually deadly I can’t hold it. I’m weak af but after this I really do feel pain in my stomach.

    Day 5✅ did this again I am starting to see change which is great 😊

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