Looking for a way to bet the midsummer heat here in the Pacific Northwest and beyond? A great natural way to start is by turning on your body’s built in air conditioning unit.

You read that last line correctly, every human had a built in air conditioning unit, a simple way our body works to cool itself down when the heat is just too much to bear.

While proper hydration and shade are the absolute best way to keep cool when temperatures soar, these measures can be enhanced by simply spritzing peppermint essential oils on your skin.  Peppermint essential oils helps to enhance your body’s ability to take in oxygen, creating what amounts to a gentle breeze running throughout your body.  The fact that the smell of peppermint brings to mind candy canes and the cool Christmastime thoughts that we generally associate it helps aid the process from a psychological standpoint.

Among the many wonderful uses of essential oils for living a healthier, more satisfying life, this is one of our personal favorites.  A just few drops of Peppermint essential oils can help your body help you beat the heat naturally and lower your electrical bill as well!

Visit doTerra.com to learn more and place an order today or complete the form below for more information.  Here’s to your health!

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