Macadamia nuts pancake and Acai Smoothie Recipe like Honolulu Coffee


by decocookie



do you know a Hawaiian coffee shop “Honolulu Coffee” ? every summer, i used to enjoy macadamia nut pancakes and acai smoothie at Honolulu coffee shop while listening to Hawaiian music. but this year, the shop withdrew from Japan, and i couldn’t enjoy it anymore, so i tried to make them myself. i hope Honolulu coffee will come back to Japan someday.
i made this video for those who think like me and want to share my favorite menu with you;)

this video is a kind of ASMR video, sorry for no using music.

0:00 making pancake
1:47 making macadamia nuts cream
3:13 making acai smoothie
4:20 making butter milk


macadamia nuts pancake ingredients

1 egg
100g flour
4g baking powder (no aluminum)
15g brown sugar
a little salt
butter milk (130ml milk and 1tbsp lemon juice)
15g melted butter

200ml fresh cream
1tbsp macadamia syrup
roast macadamia nuts

acai smoothie ingredients

1/2 cut banana
3 strawberries
100g acai puree
100ml apple juice
4-5 ice cubes

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