Low impact, fat burning, cardio workout from home.


by Body Project



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  1. Hoori K


  2. Chloe Steele

    After doing two other videos this one seems super easy I didn't take one break. But I'm sure my body will still be sore the next morning 😆😆

  3. Beyza Nur

    i am doing my daily workouts with you 3th time and i want to say thank you to fitness coach. You are so positive and motivating me while im dripping sweat. Giving me strenght and inspiring me for future. This is such a great thing. Thank you for doing this 💝💝

  4. Bluechic815

    I have been following your channel for over a year now and so far your team are awesome 🎉 and helped me a lot . I have some days where I go back to my old ways but I believe if you put your mind to get back in shape then you will achieve your goals. Im in my late 50s but I feel healthier than I was 20 years ago. ❤

  5. Nipacha Prasomsuk

    Sending my gratitude to myself and body project team. Thank you!

  6. Alice

    In Daniel we trust . In body project we trust .

  7. Mrs. R

    Usually I don't like to workout when Tosh or Alex are a part of the workouts because they act like it's a competition instead of a workout, but today tosh was normal. I still workout with Body Project thou.

  8. Nae Bang

    This was just what I needed. I didn’t want to do cardio today but this looked like a good option and it was so fun and I feel stretched out now from my leg day and prepped for upper body tomorrow. Thank you TBP!

  9. 171QA

    I checked my weight the other day and I’m at 180lbs! Not bad for someone who was over 200+lbs last August.

  10. Nikhil Ravi

    brilliant session

  11. Willow Harvey

    This was absolutely awesome, thank you so much for bringing such positive energy!! I loved being able to follow different body types and fitness levels

  12. rasheda thompson

    I love this guy!!! I been doing the body project for 2 years and i lost over 176 pounds.

  13. Maria Camacho

    I lake to make this excercise it's very healthy.than kyoy

  14. Sylvia Graham

    Thank you so much. My 36 yr old daughter & I work out with one of your cardio videos Monday through Friday we take a break on the weekend I am 63 and I love love love your cardio workout I am trying to lose 10 pounds maybe 20 no more than that and you bring it to me thank you so much we love you we love working out with you

  15. Ranjana

    Yours is the only channel that justifies what 'low impact' really means. It indeed has a low impact on knees! And this is from a girl who has struggles with weak knees for over a decade. The workout videos I've tried in the past alleviated my pain and i always end up giving up. Thank you for your workouts!! Really motivates me to move my body✨

  16. baba

    Tq Body Project. One of the best exercise. Burned 180 calories.

  17. Raquel Terrazas

    Justo termine de hacerlo😳💞…… RESILIENCIA, MAGNÍFICO

  18. M

    more low impact hiit please this is your best series!

  19. Robin Kay

    I have a question. Why do you always have mats on the floor if you don’t use them to cushion your joints?

  20. Kenneth Prado

    Thank you so much! For this session! 👏 I am proud of myself for finishing this 28 mins workout!

  21. Michelle Poludniak

    I am 45 … shattered my L3 at 42. Your workouts have given my life back in so many ways. THANK YOU ALL … (FROM ALEX.. TO DANIEL TO TASHA TO KRISTEN ETC IF I HAVE NOT WRITTEN YOUR NAMES OUT I WORKOUT TO YOU ALL SINCE DEC. 2021!) again thank you so much for all you do!

  22. Yael V

    I’ve done a couple of these videos and one of the reasons I love coming back is because of the body inclusivity in these programs. I love seeing all the different types in different parts of their journeys. Another big reason is Daniel. The way he talks to the viewer is very motivating but with so much kindness. Thank you so much for providing these programs that leave me sweatyyyyy while leaving my bad knees alone 😅 you all are the best and I really appreciate you being part of my fitness journey ❤❤❤

  23. reel talk

    Love your vids thankyou so much !!!!

  24. Selina Martin

    I absolutely love your videos you have changed my life I started them because you were recommended to me by my sister in law. I just want to say thank you all for making workouts fun. I love you all 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  25. Lauren

    This workout was AMAZING! I am sweating and feeling good! I love your motivation and you and your team add a feeling that I am not alone in this workout! The silver medal and gold medal ideas are terrific too. 😊

  26. Granite Moss

    Great workout as always. Thanks for the encouragement to remember to be patient with myself. I am definitely feeling like a winner for giving this my best and completing it today!

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