I Was Craving An Apple Kiwi Smoothie | The Golden Balance


by The Golden Balance




??⛽️ Simple and Refreshing?‍?

3 kiwis
1 lime
1 avocado
1 honey crisp apple
Couple mint leaves
2 tsp honey
3-6 ice cubes
1/3 cup water

#smoothie #recipe #foodie #food


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  1. M King

    You are so bloody good looking I can't take my eyes off your video ???

  2. M King

    Did you said in the end of your sentence " Bismillah " or Allhumdulilah

  3. Ty E


  4. Katy Johnston

    This is gonna sound really stupid, and that sounds really good, but I have a Kiwi allergy, so do you have a substitute for the Kiwi?

  5. Bunnicho

    God I love avocados in my smoothies

  6. Omar Mutwali

    He has the same cups as me

  7. Bizz209

    The whole avacado??!!

  8. Habiba

    This is the perfect loop.

  9. Ubaid Shaikh

    Watching his videos I think he loves honey very much… Alhamdulillah… That's very good

  10. brxnzetriio

    Everyone: talking bout the smoothie
    Me: hey I have that glass but a bigger version

  11. Nooran._.44

    I hate avocado but it's so good in smoothies believe me ?‍?

  12. Joyelle

    We actually eat avocados with honey or sugar in Brazil. We also make smoothies with it. Love it any way

  13. FUTxLeo

    Me having 2 birds whose names are apple and kiwi:???

  14. Tech Intern

    Man I wanted to say that plz also try veg recipes man plz why always killing some beings and being happy to eat them I would be happy to see you making vegetarian food

  15. Dream Boat

    Could I do Lemon if I don’t have limes?

  16. Riyadul Islam

    Yo its ramadan u shouldnt be drinking THAT chuck it away


    Hey, how about adding a little ginger to that! Yum!!!?

  18. Knar Qw

    I love you man from jeddah

  19. One Rose

    Are you Afghan?

  20. purplefirefly

    Blend longer-gradually increase speed- so you won't have to strain out any bits. ???

  21. Violeta Dlt

    i'll take it without avocado

  22. Halima Bibi

    I made this today minus the kiwi and avocado- it was really tasty and refreshing!

  23. LaShawanna Joyner

    Loooovveee your vids… Makes my day… Love your delivery and content…you have fun doing this I can tell …. Keep up the great work.. great food ideas for sum one like me that wanna try something different ❤️

  24. Param Drall

    Why does Avocado taste like Soggy Cardboard ?

  25. Le Sauces Collector!

    I knocked it because there's no avocado in my area

  26. Pamela Clark

    I would leave the fiber in

  27. Salina Khan

    Ayy I got the same blender!

  28. 5HADOW

    instead of peeling a kiwi with knife, try peeling it with a spoon so no meat is stuck on the skin. :)

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