How to Create the Perfect Workout Plan // Ultimate Guide


by Natacha Océane



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This video is all about how to create the best workout plan for you, that you can tailor to your goals and to your routine to unlock serious results (: It’s packed with tips and tricks for getting the most out of your time and your training, with some extra science for fat loss and building muscle because I get asked about them so often! Stay healthy (: Love ya (:

Here are a few of my favourite studies and systematic reviews that helped me with this video 🤗:


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  1. @joiemcgrath7361

    I’ve been watching your vids for years and I have to say, as someone going to school to become a therapist, I really appreciate the amount of self compassion you seem to have in setting an example for others. I really think people need to know more often that it’s gonna be okay if they need to lower the intensity now and then, and to listen to their bodies. YES YES YES

  2. @LeanneWebb-kt4qp

    LOVE all your content! Been really struggling to get the the gym these last few months but having reflected I do think its due to not having a specific goal or training plan for that day and feeling that you just wander around the gym for 45 minutes to an hour and leave feeling really crappy that you didn’t have a good workout! Can’t wait for the follow on videos! Thank you so much for creating this content!!

  3. @aks131753

    I love how you explain all these things and make it so simple to understand 🙂

  4. @emsysuffs

    Do you have any workouts that don't use arms or put weight on your arms? I have a recurrent rotator cuff injury and really struggle to find workouts that don't trigger my shoulder pain. Over the last 5 years, i have had to give up all my hobbies (yoga, ballet, aerial acrobatics, martial arts) and have put on loads of weight. I am really struggling and don't know what to do.

  5. @bhawna5941

    can we gain muscles and lose fat by home workout without equipments?

  6. @kathym322

    IM SOOOOO NERVOUS im finally getting a membership to another gym alone cuz i would always share it with my mom as a guest and i woukd always need her to go with me, but im nervous about not being able to do all this!? I get soooo nervous of judgy people:(

  7. @Darkischan

    I loved this video ❤ Thanks for the information!

  8. @isabellabelanger3223

    What does she mean 12 sets per muscle,
    4 excisice 10 times = a set??

  9. @Nelii_i

    Hii it's really late but I just found your channel and it has been really inspiring! I really want to loose weight but I don't have that much free time and my mental health doesn't allow me to do very long workouts. Right now I'm doing 30 minutes of exercise every evening (videos from youtube for loosing fat like leg or stomach pilates) and I have been doing it for 2 moths but I haven't seen any results. I'm not on any diets because my ED psychiatrist doesn't allow me to but I am trying to eat as healthy and snack as little as possible. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

  10. @amelie239

    Hey y’all 🙂 I enjoy lower intensity home workouts like Pilates (but they still burn like hell)
    What should my „split“ look like since it’s not with heavy weights but still works the muscles really good? (My goal is just to get a little stronger and have a better posture and look and be fitter overall)
    As a beginner I literally have sore muscles for over a week because I also have pretty high stress levels every day and workout plans from for example Sami Clarke always do the same muscles the next day :(( I would be so thankful if someone could help me because this is something I really need to be organized🙏🏻

  11. @AmberRedwine

    Okay, but what if my goal isn’t to build muscle, lose fat, or anything specific like that. What if it’s just to incorporate intentional fitness into my daily life for long term health and to lead by example? What’s a good way to determine a workout plan that isn’t focused on changing my body, just on keeping my muscles active and engaged daily?

  12. @user-sv5bs9ko8i

    1. Be specific (optimize one goal)
    2. Sustainable routines
    3. Optimizing plan (after rest day, put highest prioritized day after that)
    4. No more than 3 high intensity days in a week
    5. Optimizing plan (resistance training)

  13. @tvseriessi9078

    Question here, if I choose to focus on strength workout how long should I follow it before I switch to other workout plan

  14. @romancalleja7080

    You're a god send!!! I just finished my collegiate athletic career, and I am trying to find a routine that works for me that will build more muscle and lose the fat I have gained since my volleyball career ended. Thank you SO much. Amazing.

  15. @laibamustafa108

    When she says 12 sets per muscle per week does she mean 12 reps of any given exercise or 12 sets of the same exercise with x number of reps or 12 sets of whatever exercises as long as they target the same muscle group? So far I’m thinking it’s the last one but unsure.

  16. @FlockFitMedia

    Great content and love all the tips! I recently covered a similar topic on my fitness channel, and I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  17. @glorianaresta

    love this video so much! thank you so much this really helped!!!

  18. @user-qu2cr4xd7y

    pretty, aa smile from heaven, dropping facts and scientific proof, girl u r my new inspo

  19. @merveu.9752

    Your arms and shoulders what is my dream😻

  20. @aquila_faith

    This video was really helpful. Thank you ❤

  21. @Chaos_Hound

    Since my XC season has ended, I’ve been wanting to make a workout plan. I’ve found it hard to juggle keeping up my endurance and building muscle without overtraining. Thank you for making this video! It’s helped me quite a bit! 🙂

  22. @jasminpilipovic4570

    Man I just learned something new, or I started being honest with myself. I have all the proper symptoms of overtraining. I been working for 5 years and right now, my muscles can’t recover, I’m hungry, my energy is so low and I’m trying to cut fat. This is like 6 weeks into it. I’m trying to win 10K for the best transformation. But from now on I’m going to listen to my body.

  23. @tabbisims

    Is 3 rest days in a row bad? I’m trying to think of my typical week, I’m a sahm so I don’t really have much doing on usually* but for a typical week, I want weekends to myself and family, and then Friday I feel I need off too cuz that’s when we do errands cuz we get paid Friday and it’ll be hard to fit it in but I feel weird having 3 days in a row rest 😅 I mean I am beginning again after a little bit so maybe it’s good? Idk should my RT and HIIT be Tuesday for a longer rest period or right after the long rest period?

    So many questions sorry 😂 hopefully someone helps tho cuz idk

  24. @tabbisims

    Wow this a actually helped! Thank you!

  25. @mahamzahid7846

    I’ve often heard that weight training helps you build muscle while also helping you lose weight because it increases your resting metabolism… is this not true??

  26. @user-hk3rs8cp6w

    This has been the most useful video I've ever watched! I feel like I just had a session with a personal trainer, SO helpful!!!!!

  27. @skm7276

    those in the gym said for beginners split workout isnt recommended? what should i do then?

  28. @blanca70

    Hi this is me blanca
    I want to know how many days i have to workout
    Im 19 yrs old idk how to start and you know so much confusion

    So tell me how much and how many days i have to do workouts
    Im not fat I just wanted to be fit and healthy

  29. @Yurii-SN

    I have been training close to a year now, and this video has helped me so much to setup my workouts and goals. Unfortunately I have not met any of them. I get results on muscles that I’m not trying to target and none on the ones I want to trigger. I’ve watched thousands of videos and recorded myself to make sure my form is right. I make sure to control the weights to assure I’m preforming the proper form. There’s always three outcomes;
    -end up injuring myself
    -getting the form right but not feeling it on the muscles.
    -after about a month or so, I give up and change my workouts again. (This happens too many time)
    I don’t know what to do anymore. Please advice me!
    Thank you ! ❤️

  30. @alchemistnichole

    Bahahaha! The leg day "head case" killed me. 🤣 This video is a wealth of amazing information and tips. Thank you.

  31. @pixiebomb28

    I just started getting back into working out after more than 6 months off thanks to injuries. I've started with calisthenics and im really enjoying it but now im at the point where i want to incorporate something else into my routine and im unsure of what. Right now im trying to gain muscle and lose fat.

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