How Do You Take Your Coffee? 4 Yummy Alternatives


by Sil Pancho



We all need a pick me up sometimes. Coffee is great when it comes to a quick little pick me up, it gives us just enough of a pep in our step that helps us to get through work, school, heck even just get through the morning. As well as about anything else, coffee can be consumed in all kinds of variously delicious ways. So no matter what your coffee needs are, there is always something out there for everyone’s specific taste. Some of those which we’ll be covering here.

Why Drink Coffee Differently

Well, just like any other food and beverage item out there, there are various ways to fix one specific thing. It’s limitless to what you can do with food, and coffee is no different. Some people prefer their coffee lighter but bold like a blonde roasted espresso, others will swear by their black coffee. No matter how you choose to drink it, it’s the fact that you are enjoying it that matters.

Bold and Daring Drinkers

There are a lot of people who will tell you that they just like their coffee black, but others will need a little something to help with the bitter taste, whether it’s only sugar or only milk, etc.

  • Irish Coffee- This delicious coffee is made with Irish whiskey and whipped cream and will give you a smooth wake up call.
  • Macchiato- This little nipper is espresso that is topped with frothed milk. Not exactly for the sensitive taste buds in my book.
  • Mocha- This versatile drink can be made in many different ways. It’s great as a stronger drink or lightened up for more of an enjoyable treat.

Light and Smooth

These types of drinks make the perfect type of coffee pick me up drinks, They’re light to help keep you moving without having a big caffeine crash afterwards,

  • Cafe Au Lait- This airy sweetness filled drink is a drink made of strong coffee and steamed milk. French for, “Coffee of milk”.
  • Americano- Americanos are smooth and it’s only made with espresso and hot water so it’s a very easy drink to make however strong you like it.
  • Latte- This one is very popular and has a variety of ways to dress it up and truly make your own signature drink. The basic latte however, is made from espresso, steamed milk and has a thin foam layer on the top.

Dessert Drinkers

Who doesn’t love one of these type of coffee drink? Exactly, they are so delicious that you’d think it was an actual dessert. Perfect for a sweet tooth.

  • Affogato- Some people use affogato as just shots poured over whatever drink they got, others it’s its own drink made with a scoop of ice cream with espresso poured and maybe a liqueur poured over top.
  • Frappuccino- This is a popular one because it cab turn many different flavors into a delicious blended treat.
  • Cappuccino- It is made with espresso, steamed milk and foam. All of equal parts. But it’s very common for people to vamp up this classic with their own spin of flavors.

Believably Healthy

  • Bulletproof Coffee- This spin is actually a good choice for anyone who is trying to lose weight but also wants to drink coffee occasionally, now you can! It’s made with butter, hot coffee and coconut oil mixed together to make a smooth, less bitter finish.
  • Scandinavian Coffee- It’s a bit of an odd one but good and healthy regardless. It involves you mixing a whole, raw egg with the shell into your coffee grounds.
  • Miscellaneous ingredients- Everyone has a few items in their cupboards that can be put into your coffee to make it tasty and healthy like cinnamon, vanilla, salt, caramel, etc.

These are still just a few of the many coffee drinks that are out there. But they can be made to how you like it without losing it’s original beauty. The beauty of coffee is that there are many variations to try all while it being just as much fun to make as it is to drink. There is no right or wrong way to really drink coffee, you just have to have fun trying them until you find the drink that you love. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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