Fun 15 minute low impact no equipment cardio/resistance home workout


by Body Project



Thank you for working out with Team Body Project.

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  1. Rin Rin

    i've never enjoyed cardio this much🤟

  2. Flic Holyoake

    hi body project,
    i know this most likely won’t be seen but i just wanted to put my thoughts on here. I’ve always struggled with my weight and i don’t think i’ve ever been skinny in my entire life, bare in mind i’m only 15. I’ve only been doing a variety of these workouts for six days but i’ve already lost a pound and i can’t wait for future changes. Your workouts give me hope that i can lose weight and ill be forever grateful for you guys. So thank you so much 🙂

  3. Németh Ákos

    Thank you very much!

  4. Julia Grange

    Phew! that was intense!

  5. brownspider91

    One of the most fun work outs I've done on yt 🙂

  6. Dummy Bear

    I can't believe I enjoyed this so much. 😃

  7. Beverley Thwaites

    Loved this. Perfect for me today. Great music too.

  8. Rohana Purnama

    Thanks for this project.

  9. منوعات مثل حياتنه

    احلئ كابتن واجمل كابتنه

    اريد عربي ترجمه ليكون تمرين افضل


  10. Janine Bollhoefer

    Love love love your workouts!! Thank you!

  11. Phung Le

    back to work out for a while. This is fitting me so well. Thank you 🙂

  12. Susi Sorglos

    Bad modd has no chance after this video!!!!! Thank you very much from Uruguay

  13. Hannah Wilton

    Can we have more like this pleeeeaseeeeee 👏🤞

  14. Hannah Wilton

    Cannot tell you how much fun this workout is and how it's become a regular of mine at least twice a week following a resistance workout.
    So much fun, keeps me motivated and I am giggling whilst dancing along every single time.
    Thanks so much Daniel & Alex!

  15. Janice Mariano

    woah! that was so fun! i drank water before the last 2mins 😀 thank you!

  16. Rohana Purnama

    I use this exercise almost every day.

  17. lwatlinkline

    Great short workout, you guys are a lot of fun!

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