An Overnight at Gervasi Vineyard


by Sil Pancho



Back in January I went out on assignment for an Ohio Magazine piece about 3 Great Getaway Stays, covering Gervasi Vineyard just outside of Canton. Gervasi’s estate has long been on our list of Ohio places to visit, and Beth and ended up loving our overnight there. You can read my review in the magazine, but we wanted to share our own photos from the stay.

Now, try to ignore the snow-covered landscapes in our photos and see what the property is all about. I’m sure it’s gorgeous in the summer, but it really was a warm and cozy spot to kick back, sip cocktails and wine, and enjoy some world-class eats even in the colder months.

Gervasi’s property is interesting in that it feels like a slice of the Tuscan countryside. The grounds are meant to be a full experience, from four different dining options (The Bistro, The Crush House, The Piazza, and The Still House) to three different accommodations (The Casa, The Villas, and The Farmhouse), with a collection of vineyards, ponds, green spaces, and patios threaded between them all.

For our stay, we were put up at The Casa, a newer boutique hotel with 24 villas fanned out over two wings.

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