5 Beginner Gym Mistakes You Need to Avoid!


by PictureFit



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There are lots of things that can go wrong at the gym. And if you want to get in shape and do it safely, it’s best that you avoid these five common beginner gym mistakes!

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  1. @PictureFit

    Hey guys, please join us on the PictureFit Community discord! We’ve had lots of great discussions and would love for you to be a part of it. Also, we’re looking for more people with expertise or education in the health and fitness field. We have some already but can always use more. If that’s you and you wanna help out some of your fellow bros and broettes, please come join the server and message me directly! Hope to see you guys there. https://discord.gg/picturefit

  2. @FlockFitMedia-xp2yo

    Great content! I recently covered a similar topic on my fitness channel, and I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  3. @user-fn1cd6mo9z

    Whoa whoa whoa, what's this beginners need to lift 3RM or 1RM weights?! That's insane. Actual beginners don't have enough technique yet to do that safely…weight like that is just a recipe for encouraging beginners to hurt themselves. Seriously, edit that part out with better info. 10RM is way way better for someone just starting out.

  4. @Faust8423

    theres this dude at the gym i go to. his arms are huge, but dude has no shoulder, chest and back, if that is possible, his shoulder look like they are drooping

  5. @Faust8423

    #1 im on the fence about, when i started i used machines to get the form down and build a foundation then i moved to free weights, doing machines for follow up and targeting specific muscle groups. The smith Machine helped alot to get proper form down for squatting

  6. @daviassuncaoo

    I’m here just to see what y’all teaching the beginners

  7. @ii-_-fuzzy1025

    Best simple tips yet thank you 😂

  8. @SkenderPig

    4:31 is this an idiocracy reference

  9. @summer_born_in_winter

    Advice for girls? A lot of gym guys get nervous when I ask for help and when I say there are very few girls I'm not even kidding it's ridiculous. When I try and make eye contact to ask for help they'll make eye contact and then turn their shoulder making it very clear they aren't willing to help and it's really frustrating

  10. @Jordan_Warrington

    I disagree with telling people new to the gym to do 1 rep max training.
    They should be focusing on form and repetitive movements, 1 rep max is only helps buildings muscle and even then studies have shown that this isn’t even the best method for it.

  11. @WhineNCheez3

    Love the idiocracy reference 😂. Good info

  12. @eduardozepol2000

    Small guy with huge ego in my gym just kept correcting my form and honestly since that point I'm scared to even do anything in the gym

  13. @DC-iu2eh

    Biggest thing im learning. Dont worry about the numbers on the scale. I weigh the same but my clothes are really loose now.

  14. @chad3274

    Put gym equipment back in their proper place and in the right order when your finished using them. They can be serious tripping hazards. Make sure to put weights from heaviest to lightest starting at the bottom of weight trees and racks. Putting heavier weights near the top can cause them to fall over and cause injuries. If you are resting between sets or walking away for a second, tuck your weights or other equipment under a bench, seat, table, rack, or close to the wall to prevent tripping.

  15. @MassGainingGuy

    #1 begginer gym mistake…training with your cell phone in your hand.
    #2 Texting and talking on your phone in between sets.

  16. @mikkelolsson834

    I only use light weight BABY 💪💪💪

  17. @esmolol4091

    1. Mistake:
    Thinking that you NEED a gym to get in shape and look awesome.

  18. @gerozayas9425

    This channel is amazing!!! Congrats on your great work!! Thanks a lot!

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