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  1. Rebecca Teuwsen-Cooke-Jackson

    Just done this and absolutely LOVED it! A great start to my day. I have just qualified as a PT and you have inspired me so much. Such good workouts. Brilliant. Thank you!

  2. Chandelle Wilsnagh

    I’ve been following your workout videos since last year, and in 3 months I have lost 16kgs! So so so grateful that I discovered your team 🙌

  3. Ana Rosa

    Wow ❤ me encanta

  4. Margarete K

    Wow 20 minutes was enough today! Appreciate your enthusiasm! Thank you 🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏

  5. Rock Robbins

    Sill working this. very nice, good music, and attitude form the trainers. Grazie!

  6. Gina Marie Valondo

    Love this workout it’s short and simple but impactful. It never gets old. 20 mins a day makes a lot difference for me. 😊

  7. Lisa Rose

    Amazing. Can anyone tell me the name of the artist they play? Great workout and I'll do it again. Thank you 😊

  8. Ricky Jaimes

    Thank you for the exercise. I’m trying to get to my weight to 160. ❤❤❤

  9. Yuli Mendez

    Love it! Thank you 1s day complete!🎉❤

  10. Erika Wybourn

    Great way to get the body moving a bit. A good tunes!

  11. Ivan Mendizabal

    Thanks man, everyone else said enough, simply, thanks

  12. Anchalee Chu

    Really nice. Have fun workouts 🎉


    because | exercise every single day for 40 years I can still get into clothes I bought in the 80's… aerobics, running, Jogging. Bike, cardio and swimming now I have found another great wee 20 minute to do at lunch time. thanks I loved this wee workout.

  14. ved rachewad

    Awesome, totally in love with team body ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. VikingDemonPR

    Name of the song at 8:00 please 🥺

  16. rlbass44386

    Great workout to get ready for ski season.

  17. Tracy Smentek

    This is my FAVORITE quick workout! Love the music and it gets me sweating!

  18. jxxxb

    This workout is hard to follow. The exercises change to frequently with no pattern.

  19. Unique Williams

    I messed up a few times, was too busy dancing 🤣 thank you both! You guys are doing the Lord's work completed one of you 30 min work outs yesterday (still sore 🥵) 2 days going strong 💪🏾 👑

  20. Laurel Anderson

    In 2020 not being able to go to the gym or travel to the beach to surf, I started with Starter Cardio ( you won me right there, not rookie, not beginner, but starter cardio) a year later I was out paddling my 30 year old son ( I'm 68) maybe he needs Starter Cardio! I could paddle harder ( with Alex's voice in my head, now's the time to give it everything you've got! And Daniel's voice It's in there, it's always in there!)), get out faster, lost weight and got back to using my smaller, faster boards. a few months ago I injured my groin, tore a muscle and couldn't walk. After months of rest ( no yoga, no exercise) I am back to slowly building up my stamina. I love this video for the sheer joy of it, your joy reaches out to all of us. I feel so happy to be back to moving my body and know I will slowly build back up the intermediate videos in no time. but for now, I love starting my day with you in this video. It makes me so grateful for my body and its healing powers. thank you!

  21. Marcy Cole


  22. Steph K

    First workout in a month. Between a lack of motivation and then getting covid my fitness, general health and mental health took a real hit. This workout has given me exactly what I need to get back my mojo!
    Thank you 💜

  23. beatyz2


  24. beatyz2

    Than you guys. you are both so wonderful and encouraging. I really havent exercised in months and was inspired for this to be my goal today. you made it so easy to move and have a good time with it. beautiful length. this was a return, not my first time watching this because I felt good about starting back up here. also, never noticed the colored hair before!

  25. Nikhil Ravi

    good session

  26. Guadalupe Zaghini

    Thank u for this workout!! The messages u give are so positive! That's why I keep comming back to your Chanel. Such a good role model for other fitness professionals

  27. Misha Rodriguez

    Love team project. The music choices are absolutely on point. I just keep dancing after the workout is over. Soo much fun in a workout, who would believe. I’m a therapist and I recommend him to all my clients ❤

  28. bae bald

    "now we know what we're made of!" – so motivating and inspiring!! love you TBP!!

  29. Merisa

    The absolute best work out ever cuz it was sooooo fun!!!! Thanks!

  30. Amy Gerald

    This channel has kept me sane and healthy for over two years. So grateful.

  31. Nikki James

    Honestly can’t keep up with the woman – no time to explain her next move, by the time I’ve gotten the hang of it, it’s the next move. I’ve lost two stone by watching the guy – can’t fault him.

  32. KT


    We must protect them at all costs.

  33. mike rock


  34. Beverley Thwaites

    Asolutely the best online /you tube workout ever body project and your team. I say this as someone who has worked out for over 40 years !! No one to match you. Thank you.

  35. Amber Marie

    What he said really was what I needed to hear today! Thank you both! Wonderful workout! It felt so good and was fun and joyful instead of having to be…whatever. Thanks again! Glad I found you two!

  36. Gomotsegang

    Hi guys all the way from RSA. I've also been battling with my weight and exercising programs. Your program is what I needed and thank you for your motivations. It's been a week now and I love it.

  37. Karina Petras

    Love it. This is my go to video when I run out of time for a longer workout. Thank you so much guys. Love your dynamics and the music too.

  38. Rachel Vernon

    This workout is great! I have done it twice! NO shame in low impact, regardless of your age! Just good to move your body!

  39. SweetD

    I've been a member of TBP for over 2 years and recently had to cancel my subscription. I was so excited to find my favorite 20 minute workout here!!! I'll be back as an active member soon but until then I'll be here! I'm sure I'll find some of my other favorites as well

  40. Brandee Carrera

    Love love this workout! Thank you for making working out fun!

  41. Jessica Summers

    I'm a 25 year old who was hiking, doing yoga, and exercising every day prior to getting pregnant for the first time. I had an emergency c section 9 months ago and lost so much hope that I'd ever be able to get my body moving again without pain. I lost so much confidence in myself realizing my body couldn't handle the same high intensity workouts I was used to. But your videos have given me that hope again. It feels so good to move in a gentle way, yet still be able to break a sweat and feel the endorphins. Thank you so much for your variety of content in a world where our bodies are constantly changing. ❤

  42. VikingDemonPR

    I've done this workout all week long because it is short and intense. When you have a tight schedule as I do right now this workout is PERFECT! It makes you sweat as much as if you did a 45min workout. I know sweat doesn't mean that much in terms of calorie burning, but it feels great!

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