15 DAYS INNER THIGH BURN (10 min No Jumping Workout) #EmiTransform


by emi wong



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  1. DiamondDroplet

    "The best is yet to come." She foretold the future, ARMY!

  2. bella

    day 1: ✅
    day 2: ✅
    day 3: ✅

  3. reemilk

    ok im gonna do this for 1 month and will update~
    start measurements: thighs: 54 cm , calf: 37 cm

    01/11 day 1: ✅️it was so difficult, especially those with pauses
    02/11 day 2:✅️ much better today but still skipped couple of seconds
    03/11 day 3: ✅️
    04/11 day 4: ❌️
    05/11 day 5:❌️
    06/11 day 6: ✅️even tho i didnt do for 2 days, i did very well today and i could do all completely without skipping!!
    07/11 day 7:
    08/11 day 8:
    09/11 day 9:
    10/11 day 10:

  4. Raderi

    Starts by 0:18

  5. kanyarat

    วันที่1 ✅
    ต้นขาตอนนี้ที่ยังไม่ได้เริ่ม 80 นิ้ว พอครบ 7 วันจะมาดูนะคะว่าจะลดเท่าไหร่

  6. avnixyz.. ##

    Starting this today and try to doing it for 10+ days..
    Day1- Done… Paining so much..

  7. ĐA

    God, I can't walk anymore…

  8. Kpop things

    I love how she does chapters

  9. Lqved

    Doing this for 1 week!

  10. Eliz

    vou começar isso amanhã! 02.11
    day 1:
    day 2:
    day 3:
    day 4:
    day 5:
    day 6:
    day 7:

  11. Ema Misic

    i am starting this on 1st november lets see how it goes
    DAY 1) ✅everything was fine (i felt the burn ofc) but when i had to do sumo squat PULSES and regular sumo squat i started to SHAKE and it BURNED BURNED BURNED i feel tired like-

    DAY 2) ✅ I didn't do this workout but i did her 20 days and i will switch from this to the other (just so i can keep myself entertained bc if i do the same thing every day it will get boring) and there were SUMO SQUATS AGAIN and i collapsed

    DAY 3) ❎ i was very sore and i listened to my body and i took a rest of one day. i just stretched.

    DAY 4) ✅sumo squat is my worst nightmare. i again collapsed but i feel good because i workout!

    DAY 5)✅

  12. Aa ♡

    Day 1✅
    Day 2✅
    Day 3✅
    Day 4✅

  13. Eleni

    I am doing this workout and its been 2 years that she have made this video

  14. Nobody Loves

    This workout is Lot Harder when your dog starts to lay down on your mat

  15. Simra Nasir

    I will be doing this workout for 3 weeks I guess..
    Right thigh : 21.5 inches
    Left thigh : 21.5 inches
    Day 1 :

  16. cOmBat_wOmBaT

    Ok MY PROGRESS: (doing this and another whole leg slimming workout everyday for as long as I can with 1 break a week)
    Day 1: ✅️ could feel the burn 🔥 🥲
    Day 2: ✅️ was kinda painful but felt good
    Day 3: ✅️
    Day 4: ✅️
    Day 5: ❌️ rest day

  17. Avery Knezevic

    Day 1:✅ burned a lot during the squatting ones but I am hopeful it is going to give me a more healthy body in a healthy way
    Day 2:✅this burned more then yesterday but I am excited for the results
    Day 3:✅didn’t burn as much
    Day 4:✅burned a little more and I was pretty sore today
    Day 5:✅missed two day😩but am back at it because I really want to be happy with my body!!
    Day 6:✅happy I did it even tho I didn’t want to!!
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:
    Day 15:

  18. Rowshan Ferdousi

    I couldn't feel my legs after the first day but it works 100%

  19. Lutfa Akter

    Will this exercise really work?

  20. Maria Eduarda Rocha

    I can't find my old comment so I'll do it again.
    I'm doing this for 1 month

    Thigh Length: 72 cm 
    Day 1 – ✅ 
    Day 2 – ✅ 
    Day 3 – ✅ 
    Day 4 – ✅ 
    Day 5 – ⛔ (I hurt my leg so I"ll try to do it twice tomorrow)
    Day 6 – ✅
    Day 7 – ✅
    Day 8 – ✅
    Day 9 – ✅
    Day 10 – ✅
    Day 11 – ✅
    Day 12 – ✅
    Day 13 – ✅
    Day 14 – ⛔ (I did a dance class in this day)
    Day 15 – ✅
    Day 16- ✅

  21. Z Holmes

    Okay i'm starting now👀💫
    -Week One-
    ☆Day 1-✅Im not feeling my legs😭😭
    ☆Day 2-
    ☆Day 3-
    ☆Day 4-
    ☆Day 5-
    ☆Day 6-
    ☆Day 7-

  22. Thị Huyền Nguyễn

    Day 1: Done !
    Day 2: Done !
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6
    Day 7
    Day 8
    Day 9
    Day 10
    Day 11
    Day 12
    Day 13
    Day 14
    Day 15

  23. forexverqnsb

    day 1 : as a almost-12 year old doin it in her room, i was really tired . i sisnt manage to get the last 2 sadly. i reccomend doing this because it burns, alot. ( please like for a reminder tomorrow.)

  24. -Irii-

    I will start again this workout because after some weeks i do it but tired and the workout don works the same, so i will start it again, i will do it 2 sets for 2 weeks
    Day 1: fine
    Day 2: fine too
    Day 3:

  25. ♡︎cuddlybear♡︎

    Did y'all know that leg split improves you're flexibly slowly idk if it works with you guys but it did with me I slowly can do split's because of it

  26. Rose725

    Trying this workout:
    Day 1: feeling pretty good, hope legs aren't sore tomorrow… hehehe

  27. Miriam Tesfaldet

    it's my first day and my legs are burning

  28. Miriam Tesfaldet

    it's my first day and my legs are burning

  29. Rosé Foodsé

    is this also for the thigh gap?

  30. Nazlı Şirin Gürel

    1- first day i finished it looks like easy . Not hard but not easy

  31. Callie

    Doing this and actually not going to forget
    Day 1 ✅ sweaty but done it
    Day 2 ✅ fire hydrant was hard 😅
    Day 3 ❌sorry i went to the stables tday and had revision to do
    Day 4 ✅✅ did twice bc i missed yesterday + walked 19k
    Day 5 ✅ fire hydrant is ALOT easier and i can see a small difference

  32. Soojin

    I will do this excersize for weeks and tell the results after every week
    Day-1✅=I was easy but some excersize were a little painfull
    Day-2✅=my thigh were paining sooo much
    Day-3✅=today it is okey but thigh pulese was painfull

  33. Amrita Bhattacharya

    It works….I have been following her workouts from last 2 months and now I can clearly see the changes. My old clothes which I was not able to wear from last 3 years now those clothes again fits me ❤❤ . My friends and relatives are also asking about my transformation. I am so happy ❤❤ . Coming from an Indian Bengali household

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