10 Minute Ab Workout – Train Abs at Home





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0:00 heel touches
0:52 Cross crunches
2:07 Knee Touch
2:55 Leg Raise
4:10 Long Arm Crunch
4:58 V-up Crunch
6:13 Crunches
7:01 Seated In Out Leg Raise
8:16 V-up Clap
9:04 Oblique Crunches (R+L)

Which exercise is best for abs?
What are 5 exercises for abs?
What are the 10 best ab exercises?
What are 3 exercises for abs?


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  1. Mary UP

    I can guarantee you that It's a really good ten minutes workout and very effective it really does burns and bad unless you are used to it, you may also think about googling losebellyfatchallengecom I learned really useful tips.

  2. Lauro Silveira

    Muito bom…. excelente

  3. Lolita Aka Shakti

    For the last exercise: how on earth do we just put weight and movement on elbows like that?? My elbows are not made of steel!

  4. Menaf 2023

    الوقت كثير

  5. Aaryan K

    How much sets and reps

  6. Frank Lopez

    Muy buen exercise l like, thank you.

  7. Ilia Javaxidze

    How long it takes to get a abs??



  9. Kevs Blogs

    Send a vid jst like this for muscle plssss

  10. Kevs Blogs

    This is absolutely working ❤

  11. Omar perez

    hell yeah! awesome stuff! 💯

  12. Ambu Nayaka

    ವಾವ್ 👌

  13. Texan Football Houston

    Life is good…..tough morning but glad it's been amazing week n weekend ☕️😉

  14. firos khan

    This is hard

  15. Kalai Vanan

    Very nice exsice

  16. Scott Gayne

    How many of this routine u do in one day? 1 or 3?

  17. Julio Pacheco

    Bellisimo método y rutinas, sin necesidad de ir al gimnasio. Felicidades, continúen así….

  18. BabyGirl1

    Great 🎶 ❤️💖😍💖❤️💜❤️

  19. wrne71

    I remember a channel exactly like this, you probably might have seen it years back idk, it was howtofitness or something, it was exactly like this
    Edit: I found it yall, I found it 😭 I can finally stop being fat

  20. angeljr franco

    Grate abs workout thanks to the uploader. Cheers 😉😁

  21. Roy Easton

    Great workout but too many adverts on them all today

  22. Muhammad Ibrahim

    How much calories ilthis workout burn

  23. fuad rzayev

    Salam gûnde neçe defe etmek lazımdı ac yoxsa tox etmek

  24. Sizwe Ngqanga

    Intense workout with music gets you going.

  25. Lenilda Leach

    Wow teacher Very good is Very exercise 💖💖🇧🇷

  26. Lenilda Ribeiro

    Wow very good teacher thank you 💖 🙏 💖

  27. Ariel Benítez

    Muy buena la rutina, se siente el trabajo. Solo le agregaría una previsualización del ejercicio que sigue a otro.

  28. A.A DARBAR


  29. RAJ gaming

    Very effect this excercise

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