You Will LOVE These Roasted Radishes | Low Carb Recipe


by Rockin Robin Cooks



EASY, fast roasted radishes. Keep the carbs low and enjoy the flavor!
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Roasted Radishes Recipe
I bunch of organic radishes, greens removed, rinsed, ends of radishes cut off, cut into chunks like potatoes
Olive oil, about 2 to 3 tsp.
Spices of your choice: I used dried basil, parsley, garlic powder, salt and pepper
Fresh organic parsley for garnish

Preheat oven to 425 degrees F.
Remove the greens from the radishes and save them for smoothies, salads, sandwiches or whatever you like greens in. Rinse the radishes and trim off the ends and cut in half and then chunks that are uniform in size. That way they will cook evenly.

Place the radishes on a parchment paper covered baking sheet.

Drizzle a little olive oil and rub it into the radishes. Add the spices and toss to coat. Make sure the radishes are in a single layer so they will brown up nicely.

Place them in the oven for between 30 and 45 minutes depending on their size and how crispy brown you like them.

I turn mine over after 15 to 20 minutes and continue to roast. When they are done, sprinkle freshly chopped parsley over all.

These go great as a side dish to grilled chicken, steak or fish or you can toss them into a salad.

Thanks for watching and sharing!
Rockin Robin
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  1. Garrett Turner

    Wonderful display! Will definitely try! Thanks!

  2. Momtaz Unissa

    God bless you sister thnx

  3. Finding Faith

    That’s amazing to honor your dad like that ❤️

  4. Eric Me

    Absolutely loved your radish jokes. Thank you very much!! ? ? Will make that dish along with salmon.

  5. Irma Sanchez

    Wow! Thank you! I was looking for a recipe on what to do with watermelon radishes. The Greenmarket in NYC didn't have the red breakfast radishes.

  6. Velvet Hearts

    Love your tender heart!

  7. MS D.

    I smiled. Thanks Robin's Dad.

  8. Peter Mc Gibney

    Your dad was right keep doin it love your tips

  9. Hard Hearted Harriet

    We eat radishes all the time so I definitely want to try roasting them now. So sorry you lost your Dad but I will think about him too when I hear your chef jokes!

  10. Ian M

    Never thought of trying radishes this way. I'll cook them this evening and let you know how they turned out. I like middle eastern spices so I'll go that way I think. ps you seem like a lovely lady and I'm sure your dad is cheering you on every day.

  11. Anton Boludo

    Thank you for this video. I grew radishes on my balcony over the summer. I had forgotten that the little red ones have a very sharp taste. A little too harsh for me.

  12. Loretta Gravelle

    My radishes were getting wilted so I just threw them on the pan with the rest of my veggies. They were great! I thought I was a genius lol. I throw them in my air fryer now. And I LOVE your jokes!!

  13. Anthony Milanez

    Dear Ms. Robin :
    I love your videos and specially your jokes.
    I've tried some of recipies and they are so delicious.
    Thank you very much for sharing.
    God bless you!!

  14. yogi

    looking forward to trying them. thanks. very nice tribute to your dad.

  15. Threads and jars

    I have never liked radishes, but those you did looked spectacular. I will try them this week, on the smoker/grill as I never use the oven in the winter. I just subscribed to you, hope you visit my channel too. Be healthy, stay safe and many blessings, Morgan

  16. Conishka

    I want to try this they look so good Thank you for the good time and recipe?

  17. Felines and Equines

    Thank you ? I’d heard about cooking radishes but not tried it. I will definitely try them this way. I wasted many of my garden radishes this year because I was tired of eating them raw in salad. I did use the tops as an addition to my salads, but the fuzzy texture felt strange to my unaccustomed palate. So that only happened twice before I gave it up.

  18. Beate Siefer

    Great recipe! I like them like that a lot more roasted than raw. Unfortunately, the leaves are wilted most of the time. BTW, I like your jokes – your father would love it!

  19. SILLYMEL31

    aww, i totally get you on the honouring your dad… im trying these radishes for the first time tonight!!

  20. Barbara McCarthy

    These were WONDERFUL! I like radishes cooked or raw, plus they are beautiful little works of art. You would think the great painters would have painted them, besides the usual bowl of fruit paintings.
    I used a small amount of fresh basil and some of the radish greens at the end. I have also used red onion in the past. Next time I will cook them with chopped fresh fennel. Thank you Robin- love the jokes!

  21. Olliepollie

    Robin I absolutely love your jokes!! Keep em going, they’re great just like all of your recipes! And yes a wonderful way to honor your dad!!

  22. Karen Sutton

    Thank you for the recipe, I'm a diabetic and watch my carbs carefully and these look DELISH! Can't wait to try this recipe! I lost my wonderful Dad in 2019 too, in July. I love the way you honor him with your chef jokes!

  23. Rhonda Rands

    ? Keep the jokes!

  24. Sa Gillespie

    I surely love the way you honor your dad and I really like the jokes. I’ve tried many of your recipes I’ve seen on Your channel they’ve turned out really great, but the roasted radishes didn’t do it for me AT ALL ..sorry.?

  25. Domi oxo

    Just watched your old turmeric & ginger drink video. Since the 2020 pandemic, many more people demanding for "healthy food & drink"

    If you dont mind, please make traditional healthy drink from Indonesia called "jamu". The easiest you can make maybe STMJ (susu – telur [teh] – madu – jahe). If you dont like raw egg you can substitue with tea

    Indonesian – English
    Susu – milk (condensed)
    Telur – egg (chicken or duck, the yellow part)
    Teh – tea
    Madu – honey
    Jahe – ginger

  26. Lori Aganon

    I love radishes and grew up just 5 miles from the radish capital of the world (McClure, OH). I will definitely makes them this way! "Be the things you loved the most about those who are gone." (unknown) <3

  27. OnAirVoice

    Looks delicious! Keep the jokes coming.

  28. Donna Hinds

    Cute little corny jokes never hurt anyone. Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes

  29. Joshua Cantu

    Thank you Robin I'll give them a whirl

  30. Autum Tear

    You always have the best and easy healthy quick delicious recipes!

  31. jwilli7434

    Great video as always! Thanks for sharing the wonderful story behind your deciding to start telling jokes in your videos and how it honors your father's memory. My father liked to tell jokes too, the cornier the better!

  32. Mr_K3vin R

    I just bought rasdishes yesterday and was googling recipes! Your recipe is the best I’ve seen! Wow! Ty! Hi ya from Florida!

  33. Dwayne Wladyka

    Those radishes sure look awesome. That's a nice way to honour your dad. Humour is a good stress relief. Here's a couple of food jokes that you can share in a future video, if you wish.
    Why could the turkey go skydiving?
    Because he wasn't a chicken.
    What does someone give to a lemon that needs help? Lemon aid.
    Cheers, Robin! ✌️

  34. Tina M Rowell

    Awesome! They are wonderful, the whole family loved them. Had some and decided to try this out as soon as we saw this. We really like radishes in salads but never thought of roasting them, takes them to a whole other level as you said. Loved you sharing a memory of your dad, dad's are very special and the jokes are a nice way to let your followers share in the tribute.

  35. Nancy Rubeck

    God Bless YOUR Daddy! And TY 🙂

  36. Janette Nieves

    Didn’t know I could roast these beauties! Love radishes!

  37. Loretta Gravelle

    Please keep telling your jokes!!

  38. Loretta Gravelle

    Love your shirt! And love your jokes!?

  39. Tammy Cates

    Love the jokes! Daddy knows best ?

  40. Eileen Lester

    Awwwwww. Sweet way to honor your dad. ?

  41. Charlie

    Dear Robin, been looking forward to your videos every week for years! Thank you. Quick ? Any suggestions for doing this in the grill? We do not, even in the hot summer months, use our oven. My wife love me to grill, and we grill just about everything…keeps the house nice and cool! Thanks again! Charlie.☺️

  42. Mezameru

    I had a ton of radishes one year and got tired of eating them raw so they started getting wilty in the fridge. I had never heard of cooking them before but I did cut them in half and put them in a pan with a little bit of water and butter and let them cook until they became caramelized. They were soooo delicious that I've purchased them just to cook not for salads or crudités.

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