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by Sil Pancho



Craving oodles of noodles? Get your ramen fix with this delicious and easy-to-customize Veggie Ramen Soup recipe!

Veggie Ramen Soup

I’m pretty sure that at this rate, there are no less than a dozen different ramen bowls on this little blog of mine.

Some are vegan, or simply vegetarian, some are pescatarian, and some, like today’s recipe, are loaded with ALL. THE. TOPPINGS.

Of course the toppings are the best part, right?!

While the tender, curly noodles and warm savory broth build the foundation of a good ramen soup, the toppings and mix-ins make it just plain fun and can take the flavors of your bowl in a million and one directions.

Every direction, by the way, leads to greatness. Let’s get our ramen on!

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