by BurpeeGirl



This workout targets the waist and abs using cardio & toning exercises. Get a smaller waist by increasing your calorie deficit & performing waistline toning exercises. A caloric deficit will lead to fat loss, including belly fat loss! Do this 30 min ab home workout for a smaller waist & flat belly/flat stomach. This is a moderate pace Standing Abs Cardio Workout. Use it to learn how to control your core muscles. Take slow and controlled moves while keeping your abs contracted (tucked in) throughout this entire workout. Really focus on feeling the exercises in your core! You can do this workout for 14 days and create your own challenge, to help you include more core work in your routine!
This workout will target the entire core from a standing position leading to stronger muscles and a tighter waistline.

REMEMBER: You can always change the pace or intensity of all my workouts to suit your mood or energy level for the day.

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I am not a certified trainer. This is my personal workout and may not be suited for others. If you’d like to give this workout a try, make sure to check with your physician first.


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  1. Jennifer Ann Lalica

    Hi … this was the best exercise for me… i lost 5 pounds … and it work out for me, my 34 waist become 28😍 and i cant believe it, it works… but ofcourse you need extra diet for the best result… thank you so much … looking forward for another routine exercise… love you

  2. Regina Roque

    esse treino é mais intenso

  3. Mary Millar

    I enjoyed these exercises,,being just over 70 I managed to these at my own pace couldn't touch my toes do I touched my kneed instead .couldn't squat at the end ,but I'llcarry on .

  4. Flowachild 89

    Thank you for this…❤ I had a puddle of sweat on the floor after this…

  5. Despina Kandarakis

    Fantastic workout!! I'm hitting the shower❤😂now!!😊

  6. Ofel Quijano


  7. Anna Liza Ombao

    Thank you so much. This is the kind of exercise I need after long hours of work in hospital. 😊

  8. Roxanne Faulder

    It's look easy but very effective loving it..need that belly fat to go

  9. Bella Pagaran

    hi.. i'm 18 years old from the Philippines I just wanted to say, your workout is so amazing I really wanted to glow up so bad but I'm having a really hard time picking what exercise I'm going to do I'm so glad I tried this one. <3

  10. Nasila Nachi

    Day 1 cmplt .best one thanku

  11. Theven Thiren

    used to do some intense workout but this is a good replacement exercise while having shoulder pain…

  12. Sabro Gul Ziba

    Beautiful very nice thank you

  13. r00mq1

    Congratulations 👏👏👏👏❤️🌹💖💜

  14. Veronika Sena Veron

    Great workout cuz 1 sweat a lot🔥🔥🔥 Terimakasih from Indonesia 🇮🇩🥰

  15. Argielyn Hinampas

    This is the best ..
    Grabee im always fart😂😂 thank u..

  16. Junneve Villaflores

    I love this… This is the best exercise for me I lost weight in just 2weeks of course with extra diet to achieve lost weight…

  17. Leena Kedari

    This exercise was superb for me.. thankyou.

  18. Batangeñia Girl

    Wow i can't imagine myself i'm doing this workout now and i finished at 2:42 am in the morning . I loved this workout very much .

  19. Beautiful Forest

    i work out every day i qm very healthy and sexy now before i was 34 waistline after 1 months my waistline now is 28 yahoo the best

  20. Angela Robbins

    🎉Well done! Music, time alerts, previews, simple yet effective exercises, easy on joints, easy to follow, smooth transitions, interesting not boring, can be done anywhere!

  21. Murockje jmr

    I am 60 year old. July 2022 started doing leslie sansone's workouts(weight 93kg). By January 2023 came down to 73kgCurrently size 14 from 24

  22. •

    Love your channel
    This one not my favorite cause not in the rhythm
    Better when moves match the music 🎶

  23. Venie Candong

    fantastic,I can't believe it, its my first 30mins workout. 💪💪

  24. Udhaya Daniel

    ❤❤❤❤❤am doing this in the mid of the night😊😊😊

  25. Glory mae Dayondon

    Wooow..I really thanked that I found this kind of exercise .it so very easy to follow.Thank u BurpeeGirl❤❤❤

  26. Clarice Rodrigues

    Esse exercício foi o que eu mais ameiiii❤❤❤❤

  27. renuka sailesh

    Do sitting stretching videos .

  28. Mitra Playz

    Day 1- bear up to 30 mins
    But it was good ❤

  29. Ofel Quijano

    Thanks i like this excircise❤🌻🌻🌻

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