Recipe For Meat Loaf – Presulta – Christmas Traditions to Start With Children


by Sil Pancho



Most families serve traditional food that pertains to their heritage during holidays. I am Scandinavian so we serve Scandinavian fare. Scandinavians are known for their smorgasbords and that is what I remember most as a child. Christmas traditions, to start with children in mind, is ialways the best reason for making a fine meal that they will remember and carry on through generations. Presulta is a recipe for meat loaf in a way and I share it here below with you.

Christmas recipes and traditions for Germans have similar meals so this recipe could be considered for them as well I think.

I usually serve smorgasbords on Christmas eve, keeping it light for digestion and the following day. My Mother-in-Law serves a wonderful Scandinavian dinner on Christmas day. One of the thngs she prides herself in is “Presulta”, a meat mixture, kind of a recipe for meat loaf. It is put into a wooden form and served with vinegar. Yup, It’s true, vinegar.

The recipe for this meat loaf called Presulta has veal in it. Ahh me, I must confess that bothers me a lot! I have boycotted veal for forever. I just don’t like the way they raise those little calves, ya know? I confess though that on Christmas day I do not refuse this holiday fare for which my Mother-in-Law works so hard to prepare. Can it be make without the veal and replaced it with regular beef? I don’t know. I think it is worth a try and maybe someday I will.


2 pounds Pork butt

2 pounds Veal Shank

2 pounds Veal


1/2 TBls. peppercorns

3 large bay leaves

1/2 TBls. allspice

4 tsp. salt

Boil meat together in a large pot with the seasonings. Water should be enough to cover the meat. Bring to a boil and simmer for two hours or until tender. Let cool in liquid. Cut into one by one inch pieces. Leave some fat on the pork but not the veal. Line loaf pans with muslin which is large enough to completely cover top of meat once folded over. Divide meat and juice into the pans, (there should be enough juice to just cover the meat) cover the top with the muslin. Place heavy weight on top to press and compact this recipe for meat loaf called, Presulta.

This should be made several days before serving.

Serve cold. Cut into slices and serve with a dish of white vinegar to sprinkle over the top. It is the vinegar that makes the true difference.


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