Pique a lo Macho is, as it sounds, one of the more manly dishes on the planet, and is one of the many dishes that endeared us to our better half.  Essentially, it is a meat and potatoes plate that is fried and has a fuerte kick.  Its kick is owed to the onion and peppers added.  Doused in beer and far superior to hot wings, it is a great we to take in your meat and sausages.  Ingredients needed:

6 potatoes

1 pound of beef

4 sausages

1 Red pepper

1 Green pepper

1 Chile locoto (a Bolivian chile, just find the hottest fresh jalepeño if locoto is not readily available)

2 Tomatoes

1 Bottle of beer

Then, grab your cutting board and frying pan and go to work!

The dish is rumored to have originated in the Restaurante Miraflores on Calle Tarija of Cochabamba, Bolivia.  Such claims, as they are many, are impossible to substantiate.  All we can say is that they cook up a mean Pique.  Enjoy!