No Equipment INTENSE FULL BODY CRUSHER – HIIT WORKOUT I no repeat I stronger together


by growingannanas



So excited to share this Full Body Crusher Workout with you today. 30 Minute Bodyweight Only Workout (No Equipment needed) – No Repeat – Stronger Together!


👉🏼 Duration: 30 Minutes
👉🏼 50 Sec Work, 10 Sec Rest
👉🏼 Level: Medium to Advanced
👉🏼 No Equipment, No Repeat, 30 Different Exercises

All Exercises:

Warm Up

Air Squats
Jumping Jacks
Dead Bugs
Lunge Stretch
Half Burpees

Lower Body

Jumping Squats
Squat Pulses
Wall Sit
Glute Bridge Right Leg
Glute Bridge Legt Leg
Reverse Lunges
Star Jumps

Upper Body

Pike Push Ups
Pike Push Up Hold
Hand Release Push Ups
Low Push Up Hold
Shoulder Taps
Diamond Push Ups
Back Extensions
Superman Hold


Low Plank Climbers
One Leg Plank Right Leg
One Leg Plank Left Leg
Side Plank Left Side
Side Plank Right Side
Bicycle Crunches
Leg Raises
Hollow Hold


Tabata is an advanced level of the workout and is not suitable for beginners. If you are a newbie start with simple and easy exercise before attempting Tabata. Performing Tabata, in the beginning, might strain your muscles and you may get injured.

This channel offers health, fitness and nutritional information. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The use of any information provided on this channel is solely at your own risk.

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  1. Bella Buckner

    This workout is AMAZING! Thank you for making it!

  2. Kedar Trivedi

    Hiii guys!!! I am doing this workout since a month now !!! and I have lost 4kgs!! Thank you guys

  3. Sean Pfister

    Wow your partner was super weak! 😅

  4. Aunie Sauce

    Oh man, those were LONG 50-second intervals. Thanks for the killer workout!

  5. Ace

    You know that the workout is extreme when bicycle crunches feels like rest

  6. Sophia SS

    Wow!! It was hard💪💪💪many thanks ❤️

  7. Jaynish Shah

    The periodic textbook fifthly trot because cell characteristically surprise above a unsuitable kiss. striped, long-term pound

  8. Asmi Ahluwalia

    Loved this workout! Super killer and amazing 🔥!!

  9. Overclocking Galaxy

    I've been doing my own program that is very similar to yours 4 roughly 3 years. As I am 40 years old I do every set for 40 to 45 sec.
    Full body stretching 15 minutes
    Jumping jacks
    Mountain climbers
    Front lunges
    10 push ups
    Back lunges
    Burpees (no touching ground, proper pushup)
    2 leg bridges
    Diamond pushups
    Bicycle crunches
    Wide pushups
    hollow body crunches
    Side plank raises
    Leg raises
    Commandos (or low to high planks as I call them) with knee to elbow touches
    Side plank rotations
    Pike push ups
    Calf raises
    Russian twists
    Diamond push ups
    Wide push ups
    Long body crunch hold for 45 sec
    Chair hold 45sec
    pike push ups
    Long plank hold 45 sec
    Jumping jacks
    And followed by TRX workout 4 back train
    80 rows in total with sets of different grip

  10. Zay Zay World

    Realistic workout I love it the fact you struggled with us made it feel normal to take time to catch our breaths

  11. Arak Rasadorn

    50 seconds was too long workout interval, 10 seconds rest was too short to recover. I adjusted to 40/20. It's much better.

  12. Ruth Nyambe

    Wow that was intense am sooo drained right now but am not giving up,am giving myself a one week challenge. Wish me luck 😢

  13. amandel

    Hermosa elección ❤️
    de los mejores conciertos 😘

    01:03 Senada: "Hermoso"
    02:00 Megan: "Hotter"
    03:23 Hopi: "Sweeter"
    00:13 Joonie: "Cooler"
    02:53 Yoongi: "Butter"
    01:43 Amor: "Momentos"
    Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente ⬇️

  14. Tanaisha S

    Its been 15 minutes and i m dead 😐

  15. Gemma Drew

    I found this so demotivating, yes it’s good to see them do it too, it why don’t they speak? Add a bit of personality, motivate us, talk us through it?

  16. Lisa Beck

    Still one of the best from you 😍

  17. Thomas Cassidy

    Wow literally held the last position longer than I needed to as I didn't realise the video had ended lmao. Great workout – definitely helped me see which muscle groups are weaker than others (chest and shoulders anyone!)

  18. John D Lesemann Jr

    I don't know this gal's name, but she is outstanding. If you need a demonstrator, let me know. I’ll give a lot more effort than the dude you have with you in this video. He can't even do a side plank for 20 seconds.

  19. Alexey Grigoryev

    Lucas deserves at least one pint of beer as a recovery drink after the workout!

  20. Luna Maria

    My arms!!! 😅😂 I can’t lift them anymore 😩🤭

  21. Sriram

    This playlist is so bomb

  22. Raul Marin

    Nice, good workout. I'm tired. Thank's from Perú, south america

  23. Simple HyderaBADi Boy

    i started this workout on 25 Jan 2022 and today as of 3 Feb 2022 i completed 10 days, at the age of 35 im feeling like i reversed my age to 22, in between of workout i take some seconds break and a sip of water, but i can feel drastic change and fitness in my body, iam planning to continue this till my body support.

  24. vignesh J

    Great workout. Finally, i realised the trainers are also human, who takes rest. Because most of them are pre recorded and edited. This is very realistic and doesn't destroy other's confidence..

  25. Brandy Watene

    Wow awesome! I'm going to start using your workout routine for me and my deaf partner. We've just started healthy food and gonna do our workout from home. Thank you guys!

  26. K VV

    this kicked my butt!!!


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