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00:00 – We missing some caviar?
00:43 – Coffee fiend
01:48 – Protein slop shake
04:02 – A more reasonable breakfast
06:08 – Notice the product placement
06:43 – Probably doesn’t cook anything
07:00 – Meals don’t satisfy her
07:58 – The zombie needs sustenance
08:45 – More snacks
10:03 – How much did they pay her?

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  1. aa bbb

    What the f are you talking about? You sound stupid ?

  2. chile anyways so

    Leave the girl alone she is trying her best to eat healthy and you can tell because she makes foods that most people consider are healthy also shes a actress how is she supposed to know what chemicals are in foods.stop judging her on how she looks like she is gorgeous and she’s barely wearing makeup but then you assume she is wearing tons of makeup bc ur a man who knows nothing about makeup plus she looks 10x better/attractive than you do

  3. grimlock smash

    Can't say I can understand how she thought having that much caffeine in the morning is reasonable… I have never heard of someone drinking that much coffee in one sitting.

  4. s j h

    i know he did not just come for her looks… she’s a beautiful person wtf. wearing makeup doesn’t define her beauty. HER HAIR is beautiful. why’re you being so negative

  5. marysimon

    She was so beautiful on Vampire Diaries. Her hair looks damaged and her hairline looks receded, She looks a bit washed out. I blame the Chrissy Teigen cookbook. Her diet sounds like total processed sugary shit. She looks like she's in end stage veganism. I enjoyed your commentary. 'No one wants your shitty wine' lol

  6. maltezz

    but she is hot so i trust her. right?

  7. Nephilim Slayer

    Hi Frankie. Long time, no talk. I hope you are doing well.
    It is obvious that she doesn’t cook her own meals nor shop for groceries.
    As you said, too many brand name drops to be believable.
    While free-range eggs are a good source of nutrients, pretty much everything else she sources is crap.

    BTW Frank Tufano, I recently saw the advert for the recent Disney Aladdin remake. I couldn’t help but notice how much the actor playing Aladdin resembled you. Xx

    Much love from Australia ??❤️

  8. Tony

    She is another trashy, shallow, empty celebrity, who in their insanity and hypocrisy, believes that they are spiritually and superior than the rest of the population

  9. squidman

    if it was me breakfest chicken sandwich lunch meatlovers pizza dinner medium rare steak

  10. Fast Food Runner

    She knows how to read a script

  11. Juliette Autumn

    Those sausages were vegan – Field Roast makes vegan fake meats etc.

  12. anniesez it

    everyone "Chong ching" is trolling everyone's responses if you noticed…just block that person.

  13. Justinツ

    apple sausages? wthat the fuck is that never heared that before
    "im not a sweets person" proceeds to eat tons of sugar \(゚ー゚\)

  14. Von Schlief

    Frank! We need a cookbook!

  15. SYC

    Any update on Frankie's Lab ?
    Are you fermenting meth yet ?
    jk ?

  16. Agnieszka Gaw

    I am so proud of myself for not drinking coffee. I have hashimotos and thought that it makes no sense to fake my energy levels with coffee. I stopped 1,5 years ago. It was the best I could do for myself. I do have energy in the morning and if I get tired I REST.

  17. Ruslan Yunusov

    Man same vids every time, gotta level up

  18. Moist Bunions

    Some of yall just sound like full blown haters and hypocrites, go touch some grass?

  19. N4te

    She looks like a young granny lmao

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