Lose Weight During Menopause/Post Menopause By Combining Food


by Sil Pancho



Food combining for weight Loss is a method that can be used at every stage of life, but it can be particularly helpful for women who are trying to lose the extra pounds that they put on during menopause. Changes in hormone levels as you age can often lead to weight gain, so finding effective ways to lose weight is a common challenge.

Unfortunately, these same hormonal changes can also cause changes in the way fat is distributed throughout the body. For women 50 and older, this generally means that the greater majority of weight collects around the middle. This can be the most serious type of weight gain, as excess belly fat can increase your risk for developing diabetes and heart disease.

For this reason, many women are seeking out ways to help them lose weight as they get older. This can be a difficult challenge, as our aging bodies are less able to endure the rigors of physical activity, making it much harder to get the proper amount of exercise. With this in mind, the concept of food combining for weight Loss becomes even more important.

Along with exercising, eating a balanced diet is one of the keys to losing weight at any age. But food combining takes balancing your diet to a whole new level. It’s not enough to just make sure that you are getting the right amount of each of the essential food groups; you also need to be aware of exactly what your body needs to properly digest the food you eat.

When food is consumed, various enzymes are activated in the digestive system in order to break it down. Food combining for weight Loss involves eating foods in the proper combination so that digestion is optimized. The better the digestive system works, the more readily the body will be able to use the nutrients in food and the less likely it will be to store some food as fat.

For instance, combining proteins such as meat with starches, like potatoes and rice, is actually a bad idea, as those two kinds of food tend to neutralize each other. By the same token, you want to eat fruits by themselves, as they tend to digest at an entirely different rate than most other foods. And fats and oils should be eaten in moderation, as they tend to slow down digestion.

So where does this leave older women who are trying to lose weight? The basics remain the same: eat right and get the proper amount of exercise. But you might want to add in the principles of food combining for weight Loss in order to help your body function at its best. That way, you’ll find that you are burning calories more efficiently and shedding weight as a result.

There is no reason to live with that extra weight as you age. In fact, as your body becomes more brittle, carrying excess weight can put even more strain on it. You can lose the pounds and help to maintain your overall health by eating the right foods together. Food combining for weight Loss is a simple principle that can have a profound effect on older women, so give it a try!

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