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This LOSE BELLY FAT IN 7 DAYS Challenge from CureFit is the perfect workout for you to burn those unwanted belly fat in just 7 days. Say yes to healthy living with CureFit!

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0:00 Intro
1:08 1 – Jumping Jacks
2:14 2 – Mountain Climbers
3:31- 3 – Elbow Plank
4:47 4 – Flutter Kicks
5:56 5 – High Knees
7:01 6 – Russian Twists
8:23 7 – Leg Tuck Ins
9:35 Download cure.fit app
10:04 8 – Bicycle Crunches
12:15 Subscribe and show some love

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  1. Tiktokfoodie

    Anyone here 2023?

  2. Barca FurLyf

    Here after day 7: I read in the comments at day 1 that day 3 onwards would be easy but for me it was a grind. Day 123&4 was the same toughness but day 5 onwards was a little bit.. again only a bit difference but I believe it will happen over time! Day 7 and Im gassed , I'm gonna do this for the next 2 months!

  3. Vijay Kumar

    Is this only for girls

  4. saranya pugal

    First'time i can't do it

  5. Taki

    I shall start these exercises

  6. Hello random person here

    Day 1: it was hard as hell! my stomach was on fire
    what i ate: rice with curd, tomato dal, curd with sugar butter milk eggs and rice

    Day 2;
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:

  7. The_Queen

    This is the best 🧿❤️🧿

  8. shabana siddiqui

    Will theses increase knee pain ?

  9. Sahel Afridi Jaman

    i just did it for 15 days bt it dosn't working at all cause i Didn't maintained my diets 😢

  10. Md Arshad

    Body pain bahut hota hai yeh exercise karne ke baad

  11. Shan funny

    Anyone here 2023 ?

  12. Nimi Az

    In me sy koi ek exercise krni ha ya sb ke sb

  13. Arpit singh

    Thankyou so much

  14. Jamila Bouhired

    How mutch calories we burn in this exercises please💜


    Should I give rest after doing each exercise

  16. drshamim wani

    It's my 6th month, not much change

  17. Mahesseen Mahseen

    Good morning mam. I'm Vaseema. I fallow ur workouts tq so much mam

  18. Shireen Khurram

    1st day: did it with a long breaks

  19. Iqra Qureshi

    Didn’t target the abdomen at all it just gave me burns in the leg

  20. Sitaram s Jadav

    Super workout plan i trying to 7day

  21. Ashwin's Info

    Is it okay to continuously do it for a month, on a daily basis?

  22. TabSheer Tech & Reviews

    Appreciated.. how are you even talking ..am out of breath after high knees 😭

  23. Mona Raina

    Starting from tomorrow

  24. stories

    anyone here 2023?🖐️

  25. CMS

    People with belly fat can not do this, that is a caveat here. Its hight intesity one which is meant for people people like you
    Please do not suggest like this caption and title better change

  26. Md Uzair

    Is this takes only 7 days ? Or more than that

  27. Vanshika Kumar

    I am starting this exercise for next 7 days !!
    So guys stay tuned for daily updates!!💯✨

  28. Akhil James

    Excellent workout😍

  29. Mayu More

    Day 1 – it's freaking hard🫣
    Day 2- I could complete the whole exercise without stopping
    Will keep posting the update

  30. lasjcn044

    Im going to wright down my personal experience and results with these exercises

    Day 1: Very hard , hardly finished some exercises and some of them I couldnt even do , my current measurments are : bellow the belly button 94cm and the waist 77 cm

    Day 2: My abs hurt from last day but I guess that means I did something right, the exercises today were as hard as yesterday Im hoping I can get used to them at some point , my measurments are : bellow the belly button 94cm and the weist 76cm

  31. Mini

    It's my first day..yeahhhh

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