For those who are unaware, the dish that is our namesake here at halfwayfoods is one of the most delicious and well rounded in all of Bolivian cuisine.  The Silpancho is a steak that is flattened with a stone until it is round, breaded, fried and placed on a be of rice and potatoes.  The masterpiece is complete when it is topped with a fried egg and a salad which best resembles pico de gallo for those of us in the northern hemisphere.

Like a hamburger up north, one needs to know where to find a good Silpancho.  When searching for such a place, we pass along a strikingly simple way to assure that you will be served a fresh Silpancho, passed along to us by our father-in-law, a Bolivian food connaisseur:  Eat at a busy restaurant.

La Casa del Sillpancho - Cochabamba, Bolivia

La Casa del Sillpancho – Cochabamba, Bolivia

Such a place in Cochabamba, where arguably the best Silpanchos on the planet are served, is called the “Palacio del Silpancho, which is located just off the plaza 25 de mayo.  On Avenida America rests another worthy Silpancheria, “La Casa del Sillpancho.”  One will note their use of the double LL, which in this case is a throwback to the Quechua origins of the dish (the Quechua spelling is Sillp’anchu).

Next time you find yourself in Cochabamba, don’t miss this culinary treat, along with the choco burger and anitcuchos from the vendors on Villaroel.