Meatloaf is perhaps the epic comfort food.  The soothing combination of ground beef, eggs, garlic, and butter topped with glaze served in the shape of a warm loaf of bread conjures images of sitting amongst family and friends, warm inside on a cold winter’s day.

While the name meatloaf certainly is an ample description of this epic dish, around our home we prefer to use the term “meatlove” to describe this dish which, with one simple bite, transports one to the place they call home.  No ruby slippers required.

Below we have compiled a brief list of meatlove, I mean, meatloaf recipes for you to savor.  Grab some ingredients and get ready to give your tummy a hug!

The Best Meatloaf I’ve Ever Made” courtesy of

Good Eats Meatloaf Recipe” courtesy of Alton Brown at the Food Network

Best Meatloaf” courtesy of

If none of those suit your fancy, check out this listing of meatloaf recipes at and start cooking before meatloaf season passes us by!