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Hi guys! This is Max Tapper again for Howcast. Today, I’m going to show you guys how to do a squat. Yes! The squat is one of those awesome, full body exercises that targets your legs, your abdominals, even your upper body muscles, and I’m going to show you how to do it.

Initially, what we’re looking for is to get on the bar and get this bar on our traps, right around here, exact position. Now, we’re going to press up. Now, slow and controlled, we’re going to lower that weight down, and our initial motion should be butt, back, and sit, like we’re sitting in a chair.

Squat, back, pause, up. All right?

Squat, back, pause at the bottom, and up.

One more time. Slow on the way down. Squat, back, pause, and up.

Let me show you from the side because there’s some very important things that we need to do in the squat.

Initially, our body position needs to be here. First motion is back. It’s never this. That’s what a lot of people do in a squat, and they do it wrong because they put their weight on their toes. It goes into their knees. What we want you to do is sit back, stand on your heels, butt back, like you’re sitting on a chair.

Squat, back, pause, slowly up.

Squat, back, pause, slowly up.

That is the proper way to do a squat. Now, get out there, challenge yourself, again guys, use a weight that you can definitely control. The rep range you want to be in is about 12. Use a weight you can control, get out there, be safe, and have a good time.

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  1. Del Sharron

    Not deep enough your hips should go below knees before you go back up,to properly get your biggest muscle part of your body in to it your Glutes. 40 years No injuries. 🙏 🤲

  2. Sv_cheats -1

    Dude looked like cheap copycat of David goggins

  3. Rd Vlog

    you didn’t put safety pin why😀

  4. Rd Vlog

    love this

  5. Spider

    Don't like the fact that you didn't explain the feet placement???🤬

  6. JM Dumasal

    He looks like a substitute teacher who mispronounces names.

  7. Wayzataboy

    Nice and concise, I think I got it, thanks!

  8. Love Travel

    Very nice, thank you

  9. wAtErMeLoN FoReVeR

    This helped me a lot, at the weight room I could never do it right but now I can!! Thanks for showing us how it's done ✔️

  10. Ding Ho

    I am a fit aged 72, can I at least do legs press? That more safe for me.

  11. Mr415

    Great video

  12. Gary Hoang

    Finally a clear and concise video under 2 minutes.

  13. Omayra Gonzalez

    Is this good to flat you abs🤔🕊️

  14. Eddie Venuto

    That guy so muscular. I'm losing weight I'm eating healthy and I'm going to get where I need to be I'm real close

  15. oussama driouich

    am from 2021 and still this is useful

  16. Aleksandar

    Is there a reason a pad is placed on the bar?

  17. Vikas _Giri


  18. heartful reminder

    Hello sir i recently joined in gym and continued it for 5 months due to heavy loaded squat lifts high intensity iam getting seed for hemorrhoids i feel very discouraged to workout after that is Happening i quit from gym and decreased my intensity in workouts but i love to build muscles.please sir give me suggestions like exercises to reduce this hemorrhoids and recontinue the gym workout please help me sir i definitely follows you

  19. Truth Finder 🔍

    Bro, when i do squat today, my wings muscle goes inside the scapula and i can't raise my hand😖what can i do? 😢

  20. gronk lord

    Do you have to use a pad to protect your shoulders?? Or can I do the squats like a man and not use one?

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