Healthy protein smoothie: ready in under 5 mins #shorts


by Lilly Sabri



Healthy protein smoothie with a shot of coffee to start the day right – super yummyyyy! Super quick, simple and delishhh.
Ingredients are: Oat milk, protein powder, banana, peanut butter, shot of coffee, honey and ice.
Will you be trying this?

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  1. •Preppy Ave•

    Are smoothies with fruit,milk and protein power good for you

  2. Sristika Rai

    Which protein powder did you use??

  3. i make u cry

    Who tf holds their dog to make a protein shake

  4. Julia Clark

    I do this every day it's no big deal really your drink is no different than mine nothing special

  5. ashwini reddy

    I'm never this excited about smoothies.

  6. Brynn Huston

    Hi just a question so I’m an athlete and I’ve tried protein but just couldn’t handle it bc I could taste the protein do you know any smoothies or protein powder that you can’t.

  7. bethanne ??

    I wish I could use protein powder they wreck my stomach

  8. Victoria Baez

    I make this all the time with a lil chocolate syrup

  9. Arina Ash

    how many calories?

  10. Paula Mendonca

    I was looking at abssss, didn't see the recipe smothie…

  11. Özge Simsir

    I will try this ❤️

  12. WeAreDivine

    I like it black zerooooooooooooooo

  13. Vikram Tez

    Is it a labradoodle?

  14. moonlightbae

    awww ur dog is so cute! what breed is ur dog? im getting one soon!

  15. Jojo brown

    Oh my gosh her dog looks like a teddy, literally ?❤️

  16. Trump All Day

    That dog is the cutest thing ever!

  17. Teddy

    I have the same name as her doggy!

  18. Fenah Njeri

    This chick just made me discover my body and figure with her work ouys?❤lilly take pizza at any pizza in on my bill lol..

  19. Elena ONeill

    Can I ask please What brand of protein please

  20. Vanesa Simsone

    Can children Who whant to lose weight can drink protein drinks?? Or not?

  21. Criss Redfield

    Don’t let her body fool , from the fact that protein and coffee should never be mixed together considering how many delicious desserts you would make with the protein powder lol

  22. Mariah Sanz

    I will take one of those please………………………

    puppies ? ?

  23. Sandra M

    YOUR DOG! ?

  24. Evie S. P.

    Just be thankful you can be that confident in clothes.. ?

  25. Seth Feldpausch

    I love my dog more than anything, but I could never bring myself to be THIS unsanitary!

  26. Beci Babe


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