Full PULL DAY Workout at my Apartment Gym!


by Max Euceda



Alright I’m gonna take you guys through my full pull day that I hit today at my apartment gym, I started off with some assisted pull ups to warm up my back, I only did a few sets here just to get some blood flowing nothing really too crazy, then I moved on to smith machine barbell rows, I’ve only ever done these a few times, I normally do them with chest support but they felt pretty good, then I used this seated row machine which was surprisingly really nice, the handles moved freely and I was able to get a great stretch and contraction, and to finish off my back I did some single arm lat pulldowns, these have been a staple in my routine for months now and the squeeze is just unmatched, and for rear delts I did standing rear delt flys, another staple in my routine, it’s really the only thing I do for em. Then for biceps, I pretty much could only use dumbbells since the gym didn’t have any good machines, but I started heavy with some strict curls elbows slightly in front of the body, then dropped the weight by 10 lbs and moved onto hammer curls, and this wasn’t a superset by the way I did 3 sets of each bicep exercise, and finally I finished off with incline curls, and that is the full workout, took me a little over an hour and a half, try it out and I hope you enjoy.

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  1. @MaxEuceda7

    Full Workout:

    -Assisted pull ups

    -SM Barbell rows

    -Seated rows

    -SA Lat pulldowns

    -Rear delt flys

    -Strict curls

    -Hammer curls

    -Incline curls

    3-4 sets 12-15 reps for each!

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  2. @BiscuitOlivaOfficial

    How about deadlifts, weighted pull ups, dumbbell rows, lat pullover, barbell curls, hammer curls supersetted with farmer walks

  3. @kevdawg55

    Great stuff, but let’s see Paul Allen’s routine

  4. @brianduncan4823

    Disliked this because it’s not what anyone is looking for when they’re searching for an apartment gym workout. Tf dude.

  5. @mattsouter3929

    How does this take 1.5 hours? I

  6. @teamirving.11

    My guy thank you! Saving this for next pull day

  7. @ankletom1296

    How long you rest between your set? Bcz 8 exercises with 3 sets wouldn’t last me 1h30

  8. @zempaichi2813

    are those dumbbells in kgs or pounds?

  9. @zer0tonin343

    Damn that standing weighted pull-up looks far better than the seated variation

  10. @doggychops7304

    Assited pullups are for women man lol

  11. @Eric-qx7fg

    Your calves are non existent:(

  12. @OpdFwah

    Bro I am 11 and am going to start going to the gym after my birthday because my local gym allows 11 year olds and I can’t wait to use all these machines they look so much better then the bench and dumbbells I am currently working with

  13. @crispynach

    Can you do one for your push day please

  14. @Maxwellhanes


  15. @oussamaplaysyt90

    Hour and half, why im doing this in 45 min?

  16. @silver3758

    I gyaat a question about your glutes workout

  17. @Timedesigner

    *mario Rios has entered the chat

  18. @apexi7493

    jesus just do some proper workouts pussy

  19. @nathanyao3525

    The landlord must be a fitness enthusiast

  20. @danreddick8884

    Why are you sitting down your whole workout and use smith machine

  21. @geralt36

    Bro's apartment gym is better most standalone gyms. Must be one hell of an apartment.

  22. @chxrlieee17

    dude mario gon kill u if he sees this

  23. @BearGryllsSpoofs

    Why does it matter that this is in your apartment gym?

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