Cuñapé is a simple Bolivian cheese roll, for lack of a better description that, when done correctly, will blow you away.  It is the perfect combination of cheese in a roll.  Moist, with a salty flavor, the cuñapé is Camba food at its best:


1 cup of yucca starch

3 cups of fresh cheese

1 egg

A desire to cook and a lot a love!

First, shred the cheese, then mix in the egg by hand.  Next, add the yucca starch little by little, mixing it into the bowl by hand, making sure to maintain the proper level of moistness of the dough.  If you overdo the starch and it becomes dry, add a bit of water to bring it back into balance.

Bake in the oven (350 to 400 F) until slightly brown on top and serve with tea.

We have attempted to make them here in Portland with mixed results.  We call it the Tillaloaf, hailing to the best cheese around these parts, made in Tillamook.  Unfortunately, as good as Tillamook cheese is, it is hard to get fresh cheese like the original version in Santa Cruz.  But that hasn’t stopped us from trying!

Give it a try and let us know how it goes, we have yet to taste the perfect cuñapé north of the equator!