Chocolate Raspberry Keto Smoothie Recipe (2g Net Carbs per Serving!)


by Thomas DeLauer



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  1. mario 12

    Hey Thomas I got on keto to lose weight I wanted to go from 200 to 185.. i’m currently at 181 and I feel that I am losing too much weight and not building enough muscle. Though I’m getting really toned I want to add some muscle size. Should I be adding a protein shake to my diet in the evening or should I take it in the morning?

  2. Alima Sesay

    Can I use cream instead diluted with a cup of water to avoid less carbs that may be present in coconut milk

  3. Sallie Connell

    This was VILE. It didn’t smell or taste remotely like “that chocolate raspberry cake”. LOL maybe it’s been so long since Thomas ate cake that he can’t remember. This tasted like Mexican food and curry combined with chocolate and raspberry- really, really gross.

  4. Sallie Connell

    Nutrition info on this would be great, not just carb count. As a woman I try to eat under 1400 calories a day and this seems like it would probably be half my calories for a day.

  5. Natalie Lopez

    How about chia seeds? Could you replace the flaxseeds with chia?

  6. Andy M

    What are the macros for this?

  7. szvirgo

    In my country is no protein pulver, how Can u subtitute it, diy stuff🤞🤞, thx the best keto channel

  8. szvirgo

    What about Salt and chia?

  9. DocLarsen44

    As an insulin dependent Type II diabetic, I follow Dr. Benjamin Bikman, who earned his Ph.D. in Bioenergetics and was a postdoctoral fellow with the Duke-National University of Singapore in metabolic disorders. He is currently a professor of pathophysiology and a biomedical scientist at Brigham Young University in Utah. He recommends animal derived protein powders over plant based; whey vs pea protein for example. Therefore I am switch these two in this recipe, which I love and to which I add psyllium. I have a keto smoothie with psyllium 3-4 times a week for lunch which frequently consists of this raspberry-chocolate smoothie. being 69 y.o., maintaining regular bowel habits is important to me and the addition of psyllium to my diet helps tremendously. Psyllium's other benefits are frequently mentioned by Thomas DeLauer.

  10. Bobbi-Jo Linner

    Highly recommend

    This was sooo good. I’m going to make this a couple times a week for sure!

    I used a TBSP of unsweetened Organic Coconut Milk instead of the Coconut Butter, and I used JOI brand almond milk.

  11. Margaret Garnto

    How did that chocolate raspberry keto smoothie taste? Since you didn't describe the actual taste, I would like to try one to find out what it actually tastes like.

  12. Donna Griffin

    What kind of blender is that? I need something for one person that’s somewhat on the quiet side.

  13. ibzstratcat

    Can cocoa powder be substituted for the chocolate pieces?

  14. Martin Wormald

    Hi there, I’m in the Uk and am having great difficulty obtaining almond milk without containing maltodextrin. Is it this the same everywhere?

  15. Ann Mac

    Thomas, what protein powder is the best to use in keto dessert recipes? Cakes, cookies?🤷‍♀️

  16. Sierra A

    I only have blueberries :C

  17. Hearts 1025

    When he said 79g of sugar I was ready to exit the video lol…. And then I heard No! 😁😅

  18. Angelia Smith

    I always add spinach into all my smoothies for extra fiber

  19. Mia Margin

    People believe their being healthy by drinking smoothies and fruit juice. Fruit juice is just sugar; smoothies do have the fiber and nutrients. Smoothies still are just loaded with sugar! I would know because I used to make smoothie bowls and top it with oats (Big mistake). Instead, whenever I rarely have a smoothie, I will go for vegetable smoothies with one piece or so of fruit instead of just fruit smoothies.

  20. Wayne Tomlinson

    Thomas are you actually still on a keto diet???

    All my doctor's are saying it's not totally healthy to stay in a keto diet long term.

  21. Redacted

    Damn that was fucking disgusting

  22. Maria Stewart

    Do I have to use protein powder so that it lowers the smoothie to a 2 carb count? I'm on a budget and don't want to spend on protein powder.

  23. Philosophy Bro

    Pro gamer move: pour tannin on a cinnamon bun. It’ll nullify the sugar content.

  24. Trini Tsunami

    I want to know what the brand of glass is that you’re drinking out of.

  25. Criii

    It’s still okay to blend the raspberries??

  26. Eric Mich

    Can you please do more cooking on YouTube

  27. hurrayic

    I noticed the chocolate sun warrior has stevia in it. Can you substitute their unflavored version?

  28. Nicole Harris

    I would love more keto friendly smoothie recipes. I made the evoo and acv with all the herbs and garlic infusion salad dressing and it is great. Your recipes are solid!

  29. dragonheart

    I just made this with the following adjustments:

    – Added cinnamon instead of turmeric and black pepper
    – 1 unsweetened acai packet (used these instead of raspberries since I didn’t have some on hand; will definitely try with the raspberries next time)
    – A sprinkle of chia seeds instead of flax seeds
    – 1/2 cup of almond milk
    – Handful of ice cubes

    It was absolutely delicious!! Can’t believe I haven’t been using avocados for smoothies all this time. Best of all, I feel satiated and I love the fact that the ingredients are all clean. Thank you Thomas!!!

  30. Jeep Girl Adventures

    I'm trying to figure out how this guy justifies this brand (clean keto option) when it has 20g of saturated fat per two scoops 🤷‍♀️ (which is 98% of the daily value).

    Am I missin' somethin' here? 🤔

  31. Brendan Coakley

    Could you provide a citation for the raspberry information you shared? Seems to good to be true…

  32. Emily

    Definitely more recipes. It helps me think outside the box for meal prepping.

  33. william84p

    Hey thomas thanks for all that you do man, your the Goat ! How many calories in this shake btw it was delicious

  34. Alex Top

    While I'm not really a fan of protein I threw some dark chocolate in my raspberry smoothie and lets just say wow definitely not expected the taste – thanks for the idea Thomas. This smoothie is a nice treat on a keto diet!

  35. Teresa Torres

    Yes, more keto smoothie recipes PLEASE!


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