Can Foam And Latex Pillows Be Dangerous To Your Health?


by Sil Pancho



Memory foam pillows and latex pillows are the latest craze in pillow town. You couldn’t blame people who rush out to buy a set for themselves and the whole family. They’re extremely comfortable and without doubt provide excellent support that traditional pillows lack of. Other than they are a dream to sleep on, they are very economical as they last for years. Opposed to most pillows in the market, they don’t go flat over time. And you are guaranteed of pillows that are good as new every day for the years to come. That’s because of the technology applied in these pillows. The materials have the characteristic of being able to return to their normal shape and smooth out themselves from indentations left by your head. It’s as if they were never slept on!

However, there are a lot of speculations about the danger these pillows pose to human health. Although they are labeled to be hypoallergenic, a number of people have been claiming to have gotten sick since they have acquired of these pillows.

Latex pillows are made of rubber foam produced by sap from rubber trees. They are resistant to dust mites and mildew by nature. However, synthetic latex can outgas chemicals that may affect the human health. These pillows are of materials formulated from petroleum products.

Because of the strong smell it emits, there were some users who complained of dizziness, nausea, headache, migraine and difficulty breathing. The smell however was reported to have subsided after a month or so. There weren’t much complaint filed as monitored by FDA.

There are pillows out in the market that are made of natural latex and claim to be so 100%. They are processed naturally, washed off of proteins that might attract dust mites and free of chemicals. However, the glue used for layering could provoke allergies among sensitive users. It is safe to warn individuals allergic to latex to avoid using latex pillows.

Memory foam pillows are made of NASA invented polyurethane from petroleum products. This synthetic material generates toxic waste by-products. The fact that it isn’t biodegradable should ring alarms. These pillows outgas volatile organic compounds that are toxic to human health. Although the smell dissipates, the toxic chemicals may penetrate your immune system. That is why hypersensitive people easily get sick from breathing organophosphate chemicals that are not easily detectable. Aside from reported dizziness, migraine, headache and asthma attack, there were also incidence of heart attack and other autoimmune disorders.

Despite a few negative feedbacks, there are a number of people who are very happy with their latex and memory pillows. A lot has found their perfect match with them and has claimed to have provided the perfect solution for their sleep disorders.

Although there were no clinical studies published nor publicized complaints, it is always better to be safe than sorry. There’s no harm in trying. Purchase these pillows with warranty or with money back guarantee so you would be able to judge for yourself.

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