Best easy omelette recipe: 3 eggs, no fuss!


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This easy omelette recipe is all about technique. Just three eggs, seasonings and some optional cheese, this healthy omelette recipe is the embodiment of the axiom that sometimes, less is more.

Omelettes are such a nutritious and easy vegetarian lunch that most of us have an omelette recipe we think of as ‘ours’.

It might be a French omelette, a Spanish omelette, or even a super speedy microwave mug omelette.

Most veggies know that omelettes are amongst the easiest vegetarian high protein breakfast and lunch options, so publishing a basic omelette recipe might seem like we’re teaching grandma to suck eggs!

But technique is everything. So, follow our instructions carefully and take ten minutes to try this simple omelette recipe.

We believe you might just discover the easiest and healthiest way to eat eggs!

3 egg easy omelette recipe: the healthiest way to eat eggs

Eggs are an incredibly nutrient dense food. This 3 egg omelette’s protein value stands at a whopping 18g, making up around 36% of your recommended daily protein intake, and almost no carbs!

This simple omelette recipe is a great lunch option if you’re trying to lose weight, since protein helps you to stay feeling full because it takes longer than carbohydrates to digest.

This healthy omelette for weight loss means you won’t find yourself reaching for snacks by mid-afternoon!

An added advantage of the minimal ingredients here means that this easy omelette recipe is also one of the best ways of eating eggs for losing weight – no milk or cheese necessary!

This 3 egg omelette’s calories stand at just 251 kcal.

If you’re in search of more inspiration for vegetarian high protein meals, follow our 7 day high protein meal plan!

Eggs also contain a whole load more health benefits than just protein: they also contain all the B vitamins and are high in Omega-3.

Since a single egg contains, on average, 4.8g of healthy fat, this high protein omelette is great as a vegetarian keto breakfast recipe (or even a keto lunch!)

An omelette made with three eggs is seen from a bird's eye view, resting on a white plate, with a mug of coffee in the upper left hand corner. | Hurry The Food Up

The perfect omelette: a step by step guide

Like we said before, this easy omelette recipe is all about technique – just you, three eggs and the frying pan!

The first major tip – don’t mix anything with the eggs. No milk, no cream, no nothing. Just egg. Not even seasoning (yet!). Whisk them well.

Make sure the stove is at a medium temperature – perfect for cooking eggs!

‘Ruffle’ the eggs a little at the beginning of cooking – use a spatula to move the mixture about so it doesn’t stick too much in one place.

Now, tip the excess mixture into the gaps you’ve just created for about a minute.

I hope you’re still paying attention because here’s the most important part!

After roughly three minutes the eggs will be almost cooked, and they should have just a very thin layer of uncooked egg left on top.

That’s your signal to stop cooking!

It may be tempting to leave them on the heat just a little longer, but don’t. Add cheese if you fancy it, and some salt and pepper to enhance the flavour.

Finally, fold the omelette and serve. Ta-dah!

Congratulations, you’ve (probably) just cooked the best omelette you’ll ever eat!

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Some egg-cellent options for fillings that are still weight-loss friendly!

Once you’ve mastered the technique of simple omelette making, you’re ready to go for it with the fillings.

Tomato and basil omelette is a great filling as they add vitamin C and potassium to an already protein packed eggy base.

Peppers are a great addition for the contrast of their crunchy texture with the fluffy egg.

But you don’t need our advice. You’re in on the best omelette recipe ever now, so follow your instincts and let us know what works in the comments!

Best easy omelette recipe

Searching for the perfect omelette? This protein packed, easy omelette recipe has got your back!


  • ½ cup cheddar cheese, grated (½ cup = 2oz = 50g. Don’t forget to check your cheese is vegetarian – it shouldn’t contain rennet)

  • Heat the oil in a pan (non stick if possible) on a medium heat.

    ½ tbsp olive oil

  • Crack the eggs into a bowl and mix well.

    3 eggs

  • Pour the egg mix into the pan.

  • Using a spatula, ruffle the omelette so it doesn’t stick.

  • Let it cook for about 3 minutes.

  • Here’s the important part: when the egg mixture looks nearly cooked (but there’s still just a tiny bit of runny egg left) drop on the cheese, if using.

    ½ cup cheddar cheese, grated

  • Fold one half of the omelette on top of the other.

  • Slide it on to a plate – the heat from closing the omelette will finish cooking the inside.

  • Season with salt and pepper (be sure to do this after cooking – the flavour comes out so much more!).

    salt and pepper to taste

  • Enjoy your perfect omelette.

Nutrition Facts

Best easy omelette recipe

Amount per Serving

% Daily Value*

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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