Best Anti-Inflammatory Smoothies | 6 Tasty Recipes


by Lacey Baier



They’re here, they’re healthy, and they taste fab! Instead of winging it, watch this video to find the best smoothies to reduce your inflammation. See below for recipes!

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1. Blueberry Protein Shake:
2. Pink Power Protein Smoothie:
3. Kiwi and Kale Smoothie:
4. Green Protein Smoothie:
5. Blueberry Muffin Protein Smoothie: https://www.asweetpeachef.com/blueberry-muffin-protein-smoothie/
6. Caramel Apple Smoothie:

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  1. Ruth King

    because of medical issues I have to be careful with both ginger and turmeric in smoothies

  2. Ruth King

    Where are the recipes? I was told this would be good for my lupus inflammation.

  3. Jessy

    Hi is there a way to make protein smoothies to taste less chalky. Love your channel

  4. maremacd

    Has anyone else had a bad experience blending kiwi? It made my tongue and lips burn! I can eat them unblended just fine.

  5. Pardeep Chopra

    wow healthy and tastier smoothy i wiil try this must …but now my inflammation is cured 80% as someone suggested me planet ayurveda's curcumin capsules….with that i got 80% relief ….and i must recommend people for taking these capsules….

  6. maggie diaz-washington

    You are quickly becoming my hero. I recently discovered you and I just love everything about your philosophy for how to eat. Thank you for your content. I love the way you walk us through everything. Just what I need, and I believe I can really do this.. Thank you!!

  7. dorothy mitton

    Going to fast could you list the ingredients down below.

  8. Geee

    Will this help me with my inflammation liver?

  9. loveinautumn 39

    Thanks so much! I love fruits and vegetables. The smoothies are so pretty. Will definitely be trying them soon!

  10. Jennifer Wilmer

    Absolutely love your smoothie recipes just wondering is it easier to digest the vegetables in the smoothie then eating theVegetables Hole?

  11. Ashley Watson

    Just agreed to do juicing and smoothies with twin sister and this was the 1st video I see! What is the universe trying to tell me? 🤨 Excited to give these all a try and can’t wait to try your protein powder! Finally found one that I can actually drink…lol Thanks for sharing! 💜💗

  12. Darth Dad

    Thank you. Do you have a recommended type of blender? My never can crush the ice all the way. Makes it hard to drink when you have boulders in the drink!

  13. Demonizaur

    Blueberry one always my fave

  14. Jennifer Wilmer

    Thank you Lacey great video you have completely changed my life with your videos it has been 23 weeks I’ve lost 76 pounds 56 inches another 45 to go you are such an inspiration to me thank you for everything you do to help everyone with their weight loss journey from Ontario Canada❤️🥰🇨🇦

  15. DWM

    You go girl

  16. Michelle Morrow

    These all sound amazing! I’m a huge smoothie lover and I usually make a protein smoothie every morning after my workout but I tend to get stuck making the same kind. I look forward to trying something different. Also want to mention I just recently came across your channel and I watched the anti-inflammatory meal prepping video and that quinoa cucumber salad with the feta cheese. OMG!!! When I say I’m obsessed…😱 I kid you not I’ve made it like 3 different times in less than a month. It’s so stinkin’ good! So thank you!🙌🏽❤️

  17. Kelisha Corridon

    This week I am cousins on eating the most anti inflammatory foods as possible. Thank you. Perfect timing releasing this video.

  18. Stephanie Walton

    How much protein should a woman have in a day? How much and what kind do you use in your shakes

  19. Bek W

    They all sound awsome & yummy ☺ thanku again ☺

  20. Bek W

    Thanku so much ☺


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