Belarusian Draniki (Potato Pancake) Recipe


by The Foreign Fork



In this video I am going to show you how to make the national dish of Belarus, Draniki. Draniki is a potato pancake recipe made with just 8 ingredients.

It is so simple to throw together, and the potatoes get delicious crispy. Serve it with apple sauce or sour cream for some added flavor! You’re going to love this Belarusian Draniki Recipe.

For the full recipe and tips and tricks, visit:

0:00 – Introduction
0:43 – Preparing the Potatoes
1:59 – Making Belarusian Draniki Recipe
2:32 – Frying the Potato Pancakes
3:12 – Serving Suggestions

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  1. Simply Wendy - Live Love Bake

    Great recipe. I didn’t know about the starch in the bottom of the bowl! Love potato pancakes.

  2. Lettuce Carrots

    I love your videos! You may know this. I wish that you would make more than one per week because they cheer me up when I watch them. Have you ever thought about making a linear cooking video without all of the edits and different camera angles? I know that this is the current fad, but I suspect that the editing time required for these videos may be holding back your productivity. I would much rather see videos that are shot beginning to end with minimal editing and more of them. Some people may think that looks amateurish, but I don’t agree with that. I’ve been watching Paula Deen’s “quarantine” videos and everything is shot linearly by her husband with no editing. She’s old school and she can break the rules, but when I watch her unedited videos, I feel like I’m in her kitchen as her guest and it’s all in real time. You have an extremely sweet, magnetic, engaging personality that is rare enough that people will watch your videos no matter how they are edited.

  3. Keith Ferguson

    Another great one Alexandria! I've never had potatoe pancakes before but the way yours look makes me want to try it.

  4. Majin Boo

    to speak correctly drAniki stress in a word on the first syllable, just to let you know

  5. Chef Donkey

    Hey nice work. Really cool recipe. my mrs is Slovakian and they have a similar dish which I’ve had quite a few times, yum!

  6. Big Richard



  7. Cooking With Papa Seif

    I LOVE potato pancakes! Looking forward to seeing how you do it!

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