Beginner Full Body Gym Workout


by Naomi Kong



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Hey, babes!

Today, we’ll be doing a 30-minute full body workout that will target everything from our lower body to upper body muscles.
This video is in a follow-along style so you can complete this workout with me in real time and I’ll take you step-by-step through this entire workout!
If you prefer to complete this workout on your own time, feel free to tale screenshots of the workout diagrams included right before the workout begins and right after the entire workout ends.

Please see down below for the full written workout and time stamps.

Of course, most importantly, never forget that your fitness goals are fueled also through your nutrition, so always remember to stay consistent with both your nutrition & training.

*This video and description contains affiliate links from which I get a small commission. This does not change anything on your end, but allows me to keep on making videos for you guys! All opinions are my own.

– Sports Bra:
– Leggings: Alphalete Amplify Leggings
– Headphones:
– Shoes:


1:21 1) Treadmill: 5 minutes at a moderate pace
7:07 2) Smith Machine Back Squats:
– 2 Warm-Up Sets of 12 reps
– 3 Working Sets of 12 reps
15:06 3) Wide-Grip Lat Pulldowns: 3×12 reps
20:22 4) Chest Press Machine: 3×12 reps
25:14 5) Stairmaster: 10 minutes at a moderate pace

Rest for 1 minute in between each set.

If you’re not sure how much weight to use, I always recommend starting with the lightest weight possible, and when you can comfortably perform 12-15 reps with proper form, then increase the weight.

Feel free to substitute Smith Machine Back Squats for Goblet Squats or any other squat variation of your choice!

Feel free to substitute walking on the treadmill/stairmaster with any other cardio machine of your choice!


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Music Playlist:
(In same order as video)
– Smile for You – Vicki Vox
– Not Gonna Wake Up – Mindme
– Can’t be Trusted – Flux Vortex
– We Come Alive – waykap
– Bad for You – Vicki Vox
– I Wanna Be With You – Loving Caliber ft. Christine Smit, Daxten
– We’re Dynamite – Craig Reever, Hallman ft. Willow
– I’ll Get Up – Mindme ft. Willow
– We Don’t Listen – Mindme ft. Le June

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  1. Naomi Kong

    Hello, my beautiful babes! ❤️

    1:21 1) Treadmill: 5 minutes at a moderate pace
    7:07 2) Smith Machine Back Squats:
    – 2 Warm-Up Sets of 12 reps
    – 3 Working Sets of 12 reps
    15:06 3) Wide-Grip Lat Pulldowns: 3×12 reps
    20:22 4) Chest Press Machine: 3×12 reps
    25:14 5) Stairmaster: 10 minutes at a moderate pace

    Rest 1 minute in between each set.

    Feel free to take a screenshot 📸 of the workout diagrams included right before and right after the workout to easily take this workout with you to the gym!

    ✨Shop Cira Nutrition here:
    10% Discount Code: "NAOMI"

  2. Josie Rui

    I'm gonna start following your routine, you are so helpful

  3. marie

    i have bad gym anxiety tysm this helped a lot 😭🖤

  4. Cecilia Madrigal

    Hello, just enrolled in the gym which could be a-bit intimidating with all the machines on top of that not knowing where to start or what to do.
    I came across one of your videos any ways I’m going to give this a try wish me luck 🤞🏻

  5. improvmomo

    This video has been super helpful!
    As someone that gets “gym nerves”, it gives ease and a solid routine to make you FEEL like the people that your anxiety makes you fear
    Thank you Naomi!

  6. Stephanie Karina

    I love your videos!!! Thank you so much for making this journey easier!

  7. Akilah Harris

    Where can I find the 12 weeks weightloss guide ?

  8. Kristi McNeil

    I tried the link for the 12 week proand it's private

  9. Addyson Buzzard

    I just did this workout with one of my friends and we loved it!! Thank you!

  10. michael lee

    We’ve been making videos for over 3 years, we are no longer beginners lol

  11. Cindy C.

    I really love that you show how to use the equipment and you give shoutouts to the copyright free music/artist, and you even encourage your viewers to click out and support/check out other creators. Just goes to show how giving and caring you are and that you’re really here to help and teach others ❤️

  12. Emily Nelson

    These videos are the perfect way for me to gain confidence in the gym. I can’t thank you enough!

  13. Hajar Almutairi

    Thanks thanks thanks you help me ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  14. Amal A.

    Yessssss literally broke down everything I needed! Thanks boo! Bout to start getting this body toned up for hot girl summer

  15. Siber Fit

    Great exercises! Thank you for sharing! 💪😊

  16. whatif

    hello.can you do 6 weeks gym workout for beginner using gym equipment this time..thank you

  17. I Write By Ayo

    Thank you so much Naomi your videos have really help me to get back to weight lifting

  18. Lswat Ent

    Hey I am someone who is willing to support others to achieve their dreams no matter how hard live gets keep up on pushing through.

  19. d.c.


  20. viviliny

    Anyone know the name of the song to 8:37

  21. Archangel

    I appreciate a lot of the advice Naomi, your videos are really helpful in making it more desirable to get out and go to the gym.
    Question for you though: Should I stretch a lot after the workout? Many workout videos give a lot of workout steps and tricks but I've never heard anyone mention about stretching at all. Is it important?

  22. Jos

    Wow this video is amazing!!! Great job with explanations and I love how you workout to it!!

  23. Eunice Zepeda

    I love this so much Naomi! I’m new to the gym and all the equipment is kind of intimidating so this is super helpful! It’s like you’re here with me telling me what to do just what I needed!

  24. Christina Ariana

    literally just what I needed! Just started going to the gym my first time was yesterday !

  25. Anna Havard

    I just started on this same gym! Your videos are so helpful! I’m still too intimidated of the smith machine though. Maybe one day.

  26. Wei Wangji

    Thank you soooooo much I was looking for a simple full body workout 💕💕

  27. גילי זך

    thank you so so much ! you’re helping me so much during my fitness journey


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