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Banana Date Smoothie ?

1 banana
5 dates
1/2 cup low fat Greek yogurt
1-2 tsp honey (optional)
1/2 tsp vanilla flavor
1/2 tsp cinammon
3 ice cubes
1/2-1 cup milk of choice (preference)

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  1. Guy Sevedz

    It’s off topic but I like to add dates to chocolate chip walnut cookies when I bake them

  2. oofamamazing

    Doesn’t vanilla extract have alcohol? ?

  3. Hayqal Hafidzy

    You mean date is Tamar right?

  4. Stud Muffin

    ‏بسم الله

  5. Codename Eagle Cooldown

    5 dates it was about 70 grams of sugar….. I prefer adding honey

  6. Simay Piril

    You mean turkish yoghurt.

  7. kidlook

    I have a question. ? where are you from

  8. Badr

    Thats too sweet

  9. Relic

    should you take the seeds out from the dates first?

  10. m M

    Freshly waked up bro? :)

  11. Hajrah Khan

    Dates r too sweet only 3 cn be ok.. no need for honey. Love this drink for sahoor or breakfast. ❤

  12. Kaitlyn Pavao

    I have been drinking this for suhoor since 2015 my favorite I add chia seeds and instead of yogurt sometimes I'll add half ?

  13. nxmir

    I feel bad using the blender at 3am lmao

  14. Moh

    I try this smoothly and it was the best smoothly I have ever drink wooow thank you akhi

  15. Mary A

    I came for the recipes, but stayed for the compliments. ?

  16. MEMJ720

    the seed ;-;

  17. علي

    There're banana, tamar, milk and what are the other two ??

  18. hanswho

    bro remove the seed from the dates?

  19. ABQ Annie

    It tastes like eggnog. If you aren’t eating dates, you are missing out.

  20. Safiyyah Abdulkhabir

    I love anything with banana and dates I have to try some of it inshaAllah

  21. pakristofzski

    I wish I would have made this for my labor prep! It'd would have made eating a recommended min 2.2 POUNDS of dates in 4 week SO. MUCH. EASIER*!! 110% adding this to my "to do" list for baby #3!!

    *(1 medjool date = 8g. 4 wks of 5 dates every day!) & Don't get me wrong, dates are delicious AF, but gosh at 36-40 wks along with severe Hyperemesis gravidarum means eating a is a chore, even if it's eating 5 nature-made candies!!

  22. Abdulrahman Anwar

    Brilliant I’ll try today thanks for the tip

  23. Okay Mah

    Just 1 question, did you deseed the dates

  24. ya boi

    What kindof blender do you use?

  25. AiIshiloveteruyou

    Both the fruits I seem to be the most allergic to. Looks great, enjoy it double for me. :)

  26. San's World  (사니야)

    As always BismillAllah ?
    Need this smoothie after my workouts✌️

  27. Hamdaan Abrar

    Those are not ice cubes those are ice cuboids ??

  28. Hardy Lisette

    Thank you, after seeing a few of your shorts, I sub today ? ?? ? ????❤??‍♀️??‍♀️❤

  29. Barry Irlandi

    5 dates and a banana… Too much Akhi

  30. DwayneStorm

    Lol I thought it was a smoothie that he makes for dates ?. Not an actual date smoothie

  31. Nicole Hernandez

    "A little honey to make it sweet like you"…?

  32. Rahnuma N  ??

    I made this for iftar today and it was delicious ? Thank you Golden Balance ?

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