A FULL WEEK OF WORKOUTS! My Current Workout Routine


by Whitney Simmons



A REAL LIFE week of workouts! My complete current workout routine.

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WEEK OF WORKOUTS: ALIVE 2.O program – week 4
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– barbell hip thrusts
– pause barbell hip thrusts
– db bulgarian split squats left and right
– cable pull throughs
– db step ups left and right
– side glute bridge left and right

– band assisted chin-up
– conventional deadlift
– bent over underhand barbell row
– seated hammer curl
– seated cable row
– superset: straight arm cable pulldown to bicep cable curl

– sumo deadlifts
– barbell hip thrusts
– RDL’s
– standing cable hip abduction right and left
– stability ball hamstring curl
– dumbbell calf raises

– seated arnold press
– close grip chest press
– leaning lateral raises left and right
– tricep cable pushdown
– superset: high pull to bent over wide and high row

– barbell back squat
– b-stance hip thrusts right and left
– cable lat pulldown
– lateral raises
– 3S eccentric leg extensions
– hammer to wide rotating bicep curl
– glute-dominant dumbbell back extensions
– sprinters crunch


Editing – @ittostudios

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  1. Kiera Anderson

    Yes I’m on week 4 of Alive 2.0 too and let me say… I’ll never underestimate a program again🥲🥵

  2. Randee Inman

    Does anyone know what the box is she using for her barbell hip thrusts?

  3. JaneParkerBowls

    thx for the routine, any reasons u avoid bench press?

  4. Francis Fletcher

    I’m always blow away by how breathtakingly beautiful Whitney is 👁👄👁 she is GOALS.

  5. Regan wolf

    Very nice do you have a video about your home gym?

  6. Michelle A.

    New to workout! But a genuine question, does hitting chest make boobs smaller?? I don’t want to lose the little bit I have 😭

  7. Tifany Chantell

    You’re cute and funny and thank you for your knowledge babe!!! 💪🏻💛

  8. Alaina Valentine

    I always get this feeling if I take more than one consecutive rest day that all my progress will begin to reverse. I feel ashamed of and angry with myself, like I let myself down. I’ve never heard anyone say it’s okay to take 2-3 rest days. Coming from you it was a huge relief to hear! Thanks a lot, Whitney! ❤️

  9. luis carlos de oliveira santos

    Meravigliosa Creature Sei Unica
    Che Culo Stupendo Caldo Meraviglioso

  10. Tracey Dmytruk

    I can't seem to find these black shorts ! so cute ! can you post a link for me?

  11. Ashley Dunlap

    I love all your videos! You are such a motivation! Do you think that these workouts could be done in 30 minutes. I have been working out on my lunch break but only have about 30 minutes. But I want to progressively overload and continue to change my body. But I don’t want to not take rest days. I was thinking of doing less movement in a day. Five days a week.. like chest one day, biceps one day, triceps one day, shoulders one day, legs two days … I am struggling.

  12. Renee Alessi

    I hope she knows how much her videos saved me. The first video of hers I ever saw was her fitness journey and wow, I never looked back. Love these videos, love you girl. Thank you for posting

  13. Valerie Velasquez

    Listen Linda, It’s like you answered my prayers. I just downloaded your app and tomorrow I start Day 1 of At home beginner and I’m so freaking excited!!!!

  14. Aria Frost

    What's your suggestion for training legs back to back?

  15. Choni Lucero

    Every other week I train 4 days rest 3 then I’ll work out 3 days and rest 4 days especially when I go super hard and add more weight….I originally want to see results immediately I would not even take time off to heal, I ended up having to stop for 2 weeks because I got super sore then I just started doing my week routines from above and the results have been amazing. Rest days are so important 🙏🏼

  16. Kim Villarrreal

    Can you do a video review of all your gym equipment?

  17. synseer 84

    I do i do lol🤣🤣 workin those honey buns.

  18. Just For Fun

    Could u explain how high to position the latch on the cable pull?

  19. Claire Tomes

    This made me excited to work out tomorrow!

  20. Claire Tomes

    A girl named Whitney used to bully me in high school, so I hated the name, but you made it alright again! ☺️

  21. MommyLovely

    Hey! Just started my weight loss journey and found your channel! YAY! So I have a question, what are your thoughts on the 75 hard challenge?

  22. Jamie Van De Venter

    I workout almost 4hours a day 5 days a week and mostly it is because.. I don't have enough time to do all the exsices…. Please help

  23. Madisen Parker

    I LOVE that you mentioned glute activation isn’t necessary because i have seen several fitness influencers say that was the only way to build glutes and i always felt like it didn’t help me at all. I started seeing progress when i started focusing more on compound movements, and for the longest I thought isolation exercises like for glute activation was the only way…

  24. arisdelci alatorre

    I just got your app! Can’t wait to try it! I’ve been following you since 5 years ago, fell off when COVID happened like most, and here I am watching your videos remembering how dedicated you trained me to be and I’m here to get back to it! Thank you for STILL being awesome! Good to see how much you’ve grown since then. Love your tips with wit! ❤️

  25. Mad

    What about cardio?

  26. Malena Perez

    Thanks you girly I felt the same way I was 189 pds Iam at 138 Iam so proud of myself 💪❤️

  27. Stella Shon

    How much weight do you use for hip thrusts?

  28. L-JAY

    I love your channel and the workouts but being that I'm handicap I can't do most of them…that would be awesome if you did a video (or 2) where you did just a sitting on chair exercise…


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