5000 STEPS FAST Walking Workout to Burn Fat & Boost Your Mood | No Repeats


by growwithjo



Looking for good vibes and an intense sweat? Well, you’ve come to the right place!!

Today we are doing things a bit differently. Our intervals of exercise to walk will vary throughout the workout to keep you on your toes, and ready for the next exercise. This will make the workout go quicker and will challenge you in new ways both in endurance and strength.

So what I want for you to do, is promise me that you are going to give it your 110% the entire way through. Dont give up a couple seconds before the ding, and keep your head up.

Don’t forget to keep breathing. This is so important when working out. Not only is breathing how you give your muscles the necessary fuel to complete the exercises, breathing out (via carbon dioxide) is one pathway for fat loss (yes it comes out as you breathe out). So, keep your breathing steady and be mindful of it. Breathing properly can make or break a workout!

This workout will challenge the entire body. We start with a 5 minute warm up, then take about 5 minutes each to work on our cardiovascular endurance, upper body, lower body, abs, and finisher (respectively).

Don’t worry; I have included 2 water breaks in there for you so that we are staying hydrated and feeling our best to give it our best

If you stay consistent with these workouts, you are going to see amazing results. But if you want the quickest and most efficient results, make sure download my app for your full workout and nutrition plan. This will ensure that you reach your goals quicker and the results last! here is the link to download the growwithjo app: https://get.growwithjo.app/UVuo/myapp

If you are new to the growwithjo family, I want to let you know that you have found a community that cares, and wants to see you thrive in your own way. We are all on our own journeys of self-love, self-respect, self-growth, and self-development, but we are also here to encourage and uplift others. If you are looking for a community that will hear you out, that will uplift you when you are down, and celebrate your wins with you; you have come to the right place. Join our tight knit Facebook group today. I promise you won’t regret it! https://www.facebook.com/groups/710497716384627/

Workout Stats
Apple Watch Setting: Indoor Walk
Calories Burned: 240
Level of Intensity: 8/10
Level of Fun: 10/10

If you’ve read to the end of this description, make sure to comment below what kind of results you have been seeing doing growwithjo workouts, and what youve accomplished this month so far!

Cant wait to hear it!



SHARE YOUR WORKOUT VIDEOS on Tik Tok, YouTube or Instagram for a chance to be featured in my next video or on our community Youtube: @growwithjo unified

Record a video or take a picture of you doing the workout, tag me @growwithjo #growwithjo @growwithjo_unified

To get the BEST (AND QUICKER) RESULTS, follow a nutrition plan that supports your goals. Get a customized nutrition plan in my app.

Hit this link to try your customized plan FREE for 7 days: https://get.growwithjo.app/UVuo/myapp



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  1. Anne's World

    it's becoming easier and easier love it

  2. Meghan Ferguson

    first time watching/doing one of these videos im 20min in absolutely exhausted my first more than 2 min workout in 2 years but surprisingly im not feeling like i could collapse love the vid tho <3

  3. Nicki Hendrix

    At the end I yell we did it Jo. We did it! It just fits lol. Thanks so much for helping me on this journey. This is the most consistent I’ve been in years.

  4. Noelle Marie

    Finally a workout video to feel very successful! This was wonderful after a long day at work to get some stress out and an excellent workout! Loved it! Cant wait to do more!

  5. Estefany Fuentes

    I love your workout and your such inspiración to all of us . Thankyou, I finally look forward to working out more.

  6. ana

    review para os br que querem ficar fit kkk
    -Esse foi um dos melhores workouts que eu já fiz no youtube. Eu amo os vídeos da Jo, ela sempre consegue inovar e deixar divertido. O diferencial desse vídeo é que os exercícios nao são repetidos, e cada vez que vc ta cansado pra morrer, vc ve o proximo exercicio e pensa "Ei, eu consigo fazer esse, não vou desistir agora". Tudo questão de perseverança. E o alongamento no finalzinho é a chave de ouro, estralou tudo minhas costas. Eu amei

  7. Courtney Gray

    Finished it! Loved it through and through. loved the little challenging parts! I feel 8/10 (:

  8. Paris Marie

    thank u 🥰❤ losing weight everyday with so proud of it… bisous bisous 😚 from France

  9. Muklina

    I keep coming back to this one. Your energy is amazing in this one and I find myself with a smile on my face even though I am sweating and working hard. You are one of a kind Jo. ❤️

  10. Rachel Vallejo

    Loved it! Especially the where I thought my legs were going die.

  11. Yiğit Yiğit

    Hellooo from Turkey😍😍 when ı found you ı was soo happy because ı had to lose weight 🥲 andd thanks to you i lost nineteen kilos yesss 🥂 🎉 😍😍😍 thank you soo much ı love youu😍❣️❣️💋💋💋

  12. Glendaly Rosa

    I just completed this workout! I love it, so amazing! You are so motivating 🙌

  13. Karen Aranda

    OMG…thank you Jo for the amazing workout!! My new workout for Tuesday & Friday. I have not sweat this much in a single workout

  14. Nichole McLeod

    After 30 days I finished the workout!! It was amazing!!

  15. dwhorses

    Dear jo I love your work outs ❤️, but I have a grumpy old man for a down stairs neighbor, can you do some upstairs apartment friendly workouts maybe?

  16. Susanna Jumayan

    It was perfect. I am speechless. Just going to repeat it.

  17. Karen Brown

    I made it through the entire workout and feel amazing! I'm 70 years old and this is truly what I needed. I will work out with you tomorrow! Thanks so much.

  18. Damian Jefferson-Herd

    Loved the workout. This is a great workout those on weekly business travel like me. Well done, Flo.

  19. Michelle Louis

    This is my 2nd workout out of 3 completed. Lol. The first one was a definite struggle (no joke) and I thought after my 2nd c-section I could never get back to normal… But I did it. Whoo hoo !!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  20. chenise flowers

    sleeping floof☺️☺️. and I'm trying this workout today.

  21. lsdunn72

    Jo, my legs are mad right now but it was just what I needed. Thanks for doing what you do!

  22. Yolandria Crittendon

    I just love your workout they r always so much fun. I love them ! Excellent Job

  23. Ghayl ferraer

    This was the best way to start my morning!


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