50 LBS Down! Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss // Vegan, Plant Based Diet


by Healthy Vegan Mama



Today I am sharing three of my favorite smoothie recipes that are great for weight loss on a vegan, plant based diet. These are delicious, healthy smoothie recipes that are free from man made powders and nut butters. If you are a vegan eating plant based diet who loves smoothies and wants to lose weight, these recipes are for you.

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Smoothie Recipes:
Green Smoothie #1 – 1 Frozen Banana, Frozen Strawberries, 1- 2 C Plant MIlk, 1/2 C Rolled Oats, Spinach

Cherry Pie Smoothie #2 – 1 Frozen Banana, Frozen Cherries, 1/2 C oats, 1-2 C Plant Milk

Orange Julius #3 – ! Frozen Banana, 1 Orange, Spinach, 2 Cups Water

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Music: The Polka
Musician: Philip E Morris

1. The information in this video is from my own personal experience, opinion and knowledge of plant based nutrition. I am not a doctor and this information is not intended to be a substitute for treatment by or advice from a medical professional.

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  1. Healthy Vegan Mama

    Hi guys. Thanks for watching! Which one are you going to try first?

  2. VR G

    Love it and I’m going to start the smoothie diet. Love the workable idea of putting oatmeal in the smoothies!!!!
    Only thing is I wanted to hear more about how you lost the weight. The details. How many did you have per day? How fast did you lose the weight? Was it a meal replacement? I have 39lbs to lose and have tried every diet imaginable.

  3. Michelle Borden

    What kind can I make with slim fast powder please let me no

  4. Primo Services

    Great video very simple healthy smoothies and will be making them all. I also lost a lot of weight going from 405 to 267 in 6 months. Working out cutting down and drinking shakes and smoothies. Now I'm on a plant based diet lost another 60 pounds in 3 months. You look great nice smile very happy congratulations . I'm a subscriber and will be looking to see what you come up with next. Till the next one. Primo

  5. Annisa Official

    first impressions you are awesome really useful information I can't wait to try these someday so question what do you eat in between these meals

  6. rezillo

    Just for the hell of it, here's my own recipe:

    Big handful of kale
    1/2 frozen banana
    1/2 cup frozen blueberries or blackberries
    a few frozen strawberries
    Scoop of vegan protein powder
    1/2 cup of oatmeal (pre-soaked)
    3 TB cocoa powder
    2 TB ground flax
    1 tsp maca powder
    1 tsp turmeric
    1 tsp ginger (sprink in black pepper)
    ice cubes

    Somedays it tastes great, some days it doesn't. I know, this is way too much crap to put into a smoothie and a bit comulsive, but it's all supposed to be good for you. I'm a guy, if it makes a difference.

  7. MsPotentialis

    Just came across your channel and love it! I’ve been wanting to put smoothies back into rotation but never would’ve thought to pair it with a side of steamed veggies. Sometimes smoothies do leave me hungry an hour or two later so I understand where the steamed would help with satiation. Never thought about eating them for breakfast, however I am willing to try it out! I love the addition of oats to the smoothie! More dietary fiber and protein are a plus! I used to do this too! Plus I was gifted 4 pounds of oats that aren’t going to eat themselves! Lol.

  8. katti winkler

    I'm a new subscriber love smoothies and weight loss ideas for plant-based.

  9. Tanya Cagle

    Your right about the smoothies I have down it the way you have and I don’t add nut butter or extra seeds etc to it. And I don’t like oats in it neither does my daughter. So happy to hear someone else that enjoys smoothies without the extras too!

  10. todd sampsel

    I have a smoothie each morning very similar to these. I also add spinach , a Tbsp of mixed seeds ( Chia, Flax, and hemp ) and 3 Tbsp of oats to any smoothie I make ..

  11. Nikki Day

    I was wondering if you could recommend a couple different meals to make? I want to go vegan, but I think I’m giving myself a hard time on what meals to start with :/ could you please recommend a couple meals?

  12. Nancy Nunez

    And I love your channel and your ideas. I'm doing a plant-based diet and your ideas are awesome. Thanks again

  13. Nancy Nunez

    Thanks, looks yummy, I'm going to try it.

  14. Sheena Prempeh

    Do you think the vegan protein shakes are good to add inside?

  15. Jana B

    I do juice beets, carrots, celery, ginger, and lemon- put it in large canning jars- in the morning pour about 1/4 of the juice in my blender with half frozen banana, half scoop sunwarrior collagen and about two cups greens (spinach , kale, celery tops etc) cold water and blend- try to be around 200 calories – this way I'm getting some great nutrients in me when I would never eat raw beets or that amount of greens. !/2 beet =approx 30 cal 1/2 carrot=40 cal three stalks celery=30 cal ginger and lemon= 11 cal banana=50 cals greens=14 cals- sunwarrior = 40 cal- I do this prior to my yoga class, then have oatmeal with the other half banana and blueberries when I get back- staying under 500 calories for breakfast- I'm so excited to share I've lost 10 lbs in four wks since starting the starch solution and watching your videos. I'm not counting calories per say- but as you said you have to be careful with smoothies. All your smoothies look great – for me I would leave out the milk and oat meal and add a ton more greens. Thank you for this video.

  16. Mister Eric

    What to do when you are deathly allergic to bananas. Every smoothie has bananas in them.

  17. Casanail J

    Hello I just subscribed to your Channel thank you so much for the awesome videos that you are putting out to share with everyone I am on a plant-based diet I just started my Journey a month ago trying to do my best 😊 this has been really helpful for me your smoothie recipes.

  18. Dee B

    🐦 Thank you !
    I just came upon your video…
    Yes I get tired of chewing when eating salads etc .
    I'm gonna try it your way.
    I desperately need to loose 50 + pounds …more like 75 + ?
    So I'm glad I found you.!!!!!!!!

  19. Judy Kilger

    Love your recipes ! More please!

  20. 3G Victory

    Great info. I am losing weight and these recipes will come in handy. Feel free to do more videos like this. Thank you

  21. Mrs. O

    I think I'm going to do smoothie, salad and then smoothie for like a week (breakfast, lunch,, and dinner). All these look yummy!

  22. Autumn

    Smoothies & vegetables do not go together for me but I do love a smoothie bowl with greens added into the smoothie with lots of fresh fruit on top 🥰

  23. Helen Goldstein

    I can’t wait to try the cherry smoothie. Looks great. I love that you are adding oats. Will have to try that. I have decreased my banana to half to decrease calories. I also love to add a carrot, or parsnip, parsley, and a slice of ginger. It really brightens the flavor of my smoothies.

  24. Whaynna Araujo

    Make more smoothies can you make replacement 2 meals with smoothies and 1 rmeal

  25. Geylekin Fraire

    Thank you for your very Simple breakdown of nutritious, delicious whole food plant based eating! great vids keep up the great work dear!! it's easy to relate to someone who's a mama & down to earth 😉

  26. Emily Ruiz

    What would you recommend for an oatmeal replacement in this smoothie? I am allergic to oatmeal but would like to try this.

  27. Debra McCullum

    I ❤️ this video. It’s been a while since I made a smoothie. But, after watching this video, I plan to make the 🍓 one first. I thought adding the oats were healthy because it adds both fiber and protein which makes it easier to enjoy as a meal. I also have chia seeds that I haven’t used. Thanks for the inspiration😘😇

  28. Madra Bell

    I love to add frozen cherries in my smoothie. So good 💕

  29. Jana Dean

    I just made the banana, pineapple, kale and water smoothie and it is delicious!!! My husband liked it too. He’s having a harder time switching to this wfpb diet so this is another win from watching your YouTube channel. Thank you so much for your recipes and encouragement. I love your channel 😊

  30. Ashley Pauley

    Orange is really good with carrots it’s more a sweet veggie. Plus it stays pretty and orange but you could still add greens as well.

  31. Zen B

    You're pretty fun to watch. Thanks for the great ideas. Starting my own WFPB journey, so binging on your videos 🙂

  32. G. Tai

    Hi. Thanks for the tip.

  33. Samantha Warren

    This is great!!!! Congrats on your weight loss!!! I love learning how my fellow vegans feel about their health journeys!!!! You gave me inspiration to keep pushing through!!! I’m definitely gonna try to the cherry pie smoothie!!! Rock it out girl

  34. eva ulibarri

    Can you replace the milk with water? Even when using oats

  35. Linda Berardi

    Thank you for the recipes!!! Love your channel.

  36. Pointvoucher

    I love smoothies and currently, the only recipe I make is strawberry/banana. Sometimes, I love to make plain avocado too. I'm excited to try your recipes and thanks for sharing!

  37. Debbie Turner

    I really want to try this way of eating but how do you avoid having bad gas and bloating?

  38. Lorenzo M

    HVM, do you take a calcium supplement? If so, which one? Thanks.


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