5 HEALTHY SMOOTHIES | recipes for wellness and weight loss


by Clean & Delicious



Learn how to make 5 healthy smoothies to help support your health, wellness, and weight loss goals. Each smoothie recipe is packed with protein, fiber, and healthy fats to help keep you feeling satisfied and satiated all morning long.

CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY SMOOTHIE: https://bit.ly/CDChocolateRaspberrySmoothie
PUMPKIN PIE SMOOTHIE: https://bit.ly/CDPumpkinSmoothie
BANANA PEANUT BUTTER SMOOTHIE: https://bit.ly/CDPBBananaSmoothie
HEMP BERRY SMOOTHIE: https://bit.ly/CDBerryHempSmoothie
GREEN BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE: https://bit.ly/CDGreenSmoothie

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0:00 Intro
0:34 The Five Smoothies
1:01 A Few Thoughts on Protein Powder
2:09 Chocolate Raspberry Protein Smoothie
3:09 Pumpkin Pie Smoothie
4:12 Hemp, Berry Smoothie
5:28 Peanut Butter, Banana Smoothie
7:05 Green Breakfast Smoothie
8:21 Outro

Tera’s organic & grass-fed whey concentrate: https://amzn.to/3eNBO0C
Truvani (plant-based protein): https://amzn.to/3FUMoip
Garden of Life (plant-based raw organic protein): https://amzn.to/3ENQjw0
Cacao Nibs: https://amzn.to/3JNBVHT
Organic Peanut Butter Powder: https://amzn.to/3zyvRyl
Hemp Seeds: https://amzn.to/3zBzmDZ
My Go-To Kitchen Knife: https://amzn.to/3CQmpHp
Vitamix 5200: https://amzn.to/3n1pxdm
Glass Measuring Cups: https://amzn.to/3JOqMqb

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  1. Clean & Delicious

    Happy Friday! I'm excited to share 5 High Protein Smoothie ideas to help support your health, wellness and weight loss goals! LMK which one you plan to make first in the comments below! XO- Dani

  2. Sarah

    Hello. New subbie here. Curious if you could list the carbs in these as well as the other healthy fats cals etc

  3. Augustine N Kizy

    I think my mom is going to make me a health
    Smoothie Today

  4. Mellemud

    You are so amazing. Will definitely try these and I sent it to my girlfriend too lol

  5. Eileen Munoz

    New subscriber here. Can’t wait to try these smoothies. They all look delicious.

  6. Nicholas Jones

    Could I use fresh banana? Frozen seems like to much planning? 🤣🤣

  7. Spikey Cute Face

    Can I just say that you seem to be aging in reverse? Seriously, if eating this way makes your skin look as great as your, I’m in!! Thanks for all of the great videos!

  8. Sherrie McWaters

    Hello Dani!! I have a question regarding smoothie’s. When I blend them I get a foam as I get near the bottom I can’t drink that part and lose about 1/2 a cup or so. Is there a way to keep down the foam. Thank you.

  9. Jane Landry

    I was wondering about peanut butter powder. The ones I am finding have added sugar so I have been avoiding it.

  10. Christopher Gray

    They all look great! I have oral allergy syndrome, so I have to avoid some things due to that, such as bananas. I like to make my smoothies more keto friendly like this:

    16 oz water
    1/2 small frozen avocado
    1.5 tbsp cacao powder
    2 tbsp protein isolate
    1 tbsp non-fortified nutritional yeast
    1 tbsp coconut oil
    1/2 tbsp psyllium fiber
    1/3 tsp reishi mushroom powder
    1/2 tsp matcha green tea
    pinch of sea salt
    12-16 drops of stevia liquid sweetener (sweeten to taste)

    That is basically my base and is what I use when I am going all keto. When I want more carbs, then I will add some or all of the following:

    1/2 cup wild blueberries (any berries work)
    1-2 dates
    handful of any nuts

    Sometimes I will substitute 1 tbsp collagen for 1 tbsp of the protein isolate

  11. Mary H

    Thank you for sharing. New subscriber here. Love your channel! Have tried 2 of these so far – delicious and super creamy!!! Thank you!

  12. Kathy F

    Great video where did you get your sweater?

  13. Rose Ideal

    Dear lady
    Please make videos about what to do to gain lean muscle mass. Please, please include breakfast, lunch and dinner high fiver and plant based will be greatly appreciated
    Thank you

  14. LiebeAlle

    Thanks for these recipes! Question: do you have any suggestions for healthy fats in a smoothie instead of almond or seed butter? I'm allergic. Maybe avocado?

  15. Pam Davis

    Hi, could you suggest any protein powder that doesn't have monk fruit or Stevia in it? Also is pea protein powder healthy to use. My favorite is Whey protein powder but can't find my kind I was using anymore. I think they have turned to plant base protein powder but it has stevia in it. Love you channel. You are the best. 🌷

  16. Rose Payano

    So happy I just watched this, I will definitely be trying the banana peanut butter one tomorrow. Thank you!

  17. phbetan65

    Hi, thanks for sharing, I would like to ask, where am I to buy the vanilla powder to put in the smoothie?

  18. Paula Poblete

    hii, i have a question… i bought a vanilla protein powder (whey protein) and the flavor is really strong and tbh it tasted kinda bad, so do you have any tips to make your protein powder taste less bad? like adding something to it to overcome the vanilla flavor? thanks have a nice day 🙂

  19. Hufy-posting

    hello hello I advise you to try one of them. it is always very well prepared. Thank you Xo, Dani

  20. tmrsegev

    Smoothies like these made me feel healthy, energetic and sexy. THANK YOU!

  21. Deborah Dyck

    Don’t think we have this protein powder in Canada!

  22. Kelly Moore

    I’m making the chocolate peanut butter one! I was on a strawberry banana kick but I think some chocolate and peanut butter sounds perfect for today. I am loving Dani Spies! I made spaghetti squash yesterday with homemade marinara from San Mariano whole tomatoes from Kroger (bottom shelf in the tomato sauce isle!!) and it was SO delicious and so filling! I am loving a clean diet thanks to Dani!!

  23. Kimberly Amsel

    Question on why you use almond milk instead of any other plant based milk…. is it bc it's thinner, like real dairy milk?

  24. Life is messy but I’m Learning as I grow!

    This recipe is FANTASTIC! You make it look so easy! I’m gonna have to try this recipe soon. I also make YouTube cooking videos. I love learning from talented creators like you! I look forward to watching future

  25. trnharris

    So happy to see you back Dani!

  26. Rob and Jen Stanley

    What’s the holding time ? I guess what I’m asking is can I pre make them for the next day ?

  27. Charlene Neel

    If you've heard of gastoparesis, I need some ideas for green smoothies, too.

  28. Felicia Dunn

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful video. I must try these.

  29. Madame X

    Nice. Thanks. I use chia seeds, collagen powder and flax meal with frozen berries in all my smoothies. It’s my lunch every day after a 17 -18 hr fast. Love it.


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Strawberry Smoothie Recipe | Kid Friendly Fruit Smoothie

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