4 Food & Digestion Tips for a Healthy Life | Sadhguru


by Sadhguru



Sadhguru offers a Yogic perspective on how food should be approached for physical and mental wellbeing, and gives an example of a harmful food combination to explain the impact food has on our mental health.

Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times.

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The ultimate low-carb diet app

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  1. Lop Sop


  2. 蔡京唐 JT

    Did Sadhguru talk about keto? I have already participated in inner engineering. I hope to learn Sadhguru's advice on keto. Thanks ??❤️

  3. the forgotten tales *

    His words are mesmerizing. I am a firm believer of Ayurveda and yoga. Planet Ayurveda's Digestion support capsules are an amazing product of Ayurveda that comprises of all the therapeutic herbs required for healthy digestion

  4. NOTFerociouS

    Namaskaaram Guruji

  5. Kannan Kandasamy

    Where we will get neem and turmeric to keep colon clean?

  6. Mohammed Fahim

    Thanks we really appreciate it. You are the best of all you change my life. Thanks

  7. Yul Ja Ma

    Thank you!

  8. mominthe209

    I have never thought of packaged/boxed food as old. I’m eating crackers, cookies, etc that are months old and full of preservatives. Wow, that is a new perspective on American food.

  9. Srikanth Matha

    Is that 'Sting' channels Vinodh in the middle

  10. Nazeema Abu

    He HiddiNg The Best secret and shariNg waste tip He don't know the Basic Of liviNg life .

  11. Shivani Chhabra

    A good digestion and a healthy gut is the most important thing. If your gut gets upset your whole day will be ruined so for this I'm taking care of my gut and for good digestion I'm having Planet Ayurveda's Digestion support capsules.

  12. Elinor Barnes

    Thankyou for the info Much appreciated

  13. ASMR

    Thank you so much? Sadhguru

  14. Sandhya Moktan

    Thank you so much Guruji ?

  15. Diane Bingham

    So, no canned food?

  16. Divine Angelic

    I have spider veins what to do

  17. Curlies LBB


  18. ?Mere Pyare Sadguru?

    Sadguru ?अगर आप सोचते है आप को दूसरो से खुशी मिलेगी तो आप गलत है

  19. Md sayed Ahmed

    I am suffering from IBS lose motion someone can help me??

  20. Chitra Nawalrai

    Thanks AsdGuru i I for guiding all of us. ???

  21. Dr Asad tunio

    I am wondering how this old man knows everything .

  22. Zulma Bonilla

    What do you think about eating garlic and onion, vegetables that grow when the sunset?

  23. Lumagia Music

    Hes actually close to what science tells us with whole plant based diet data

  24. YTjndallas

    What is Neem?

  25. Anamika singh

    How to connect with Sadhguru or his disciples. My health is not good for 7 months I got covid. Pease can someone suggests?? This is genuine.

  26. Bearded Piper

    Sadhguru how or where can a person acquire the marble size neem & turmeric? You spoke of?

  27. mariasciuri


  28. Piyush...Pathak

    No need add music in the background. Sadhuguru's voice is in itself like the rhythmic music.

  29. Andrea

    so you're basically saying we shouldn't store anything in the fridge?

  30. Lovepreet Singh

    Very well explained. The doctor at Planet Ayurveda also explains the role of diet for health. I am living a healthy life since then.

  31. Priyanka Jeswani

    Sadguru ji please tell , how should we keep our colon clean..
    Thank you in advance… ??

  32. Gurminder Bhogal

    What about when you said take the vaccine poison ?

  33. Shweta Mishra

    Dear Sadguru
    Maanglik kya hota hai plz make a vedio on this

  34. Svetlana Orlova

    what about frozen food? Would it be considered fresh?

  35. Laurel Beck

    Taking turmeric and been in pill form ok?

  36. Sreeparna’s itinerary

    But what if I can’t finish the food and I don’t want to throw away the extra food? I struggle with finishing food all the time. So my freshly cooked food always stays in the refrigerator for atleast 2 days.

  37. Vg

    Carnatic. Music

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