30 Minute Full Body Cardio HIIT Workout [NO REPEAT]


by Sil Pancho



Tap in with us for a fun 30 Minute FULL BODY Cardio-HIIT workout! This workout will get your heart rate up with a mixture of high intensity strength, cardio, and plyometric movements. Some of the exercises may be a bit too advanced, so Toya has you covered with modifications. Be sure to comment below to ket us know how you did! 🔥

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  1. Juice & Toya

    Drop some love if you enjoyed this workout and let us know how you did! 🔥

  2. Lance Crenshaw

    Full Body Cardio HIIT still getting it done! Love ya'll…Be blessed and always take the time to love on eachother! Its the key to a long lasting relationship! The 60 year old…

  3. Genifa Machute

    I’m melting wow , that was a great work out , thank you, keep up the good work ☺️

  4. krammerak

    By far best video workout, very professional. I added some dumbbells into this. Great stuff! Subscribed

  5. Kapsie fitness

    I had a great workout, that was pretty awesome.

  6. no_saviors_

    Thanks guys! Appreciate that you present two different possibilities/variations and also that there is no talking and just some cool instrumentals.

  7. Dr. Kenneth Dickerson

    Highly recommend this workout. I do it 3 times a day in addition to a core workout and a healthier diet. I recommend taking your time and getting the form down. You'll be surprised how great form will increase your reps. The gains are noticeable. There's no magic pill for this. Thanks Juice & Toya!!!

  8. Rachel Golden

    My brain also got a workout trying to figure out those duck steps and backward bicycles

  9. Ana Caballero

    My fav YouTubers ever, y’all make me want to get up and work out 😭

  10. Manmeet Kaur

    how many calories does this cardio session burn?

  11. Janie Rodriguez

    Loved it! I love all of your bodyweight workouts. You aBoth are adorable and amazing! Keep up the great work!

  12. Sheila Gonçalves Santos Matias

    Sou Sheila e gostaria de agradecer muito por esse canal, tem
    Me ajudado muito a alcançar meus objetivos e agora minha mãe também está treinando comigo em casa ela está muito acima do peso e gostou de ver eu fazendo esses exercícios, toda vez que tento mudar de exercícios ela pede o de vocês hahahahahaha, ela pediu pra eu dar like eu disse: já dei! Daí ela pediu pra eu seguir vocês eu disse: já sigo! Então ela disse faz um comentário então, eu disse: tá bom hahahahahaha então tô aqui deixando meu registro! Manda quem pode obedece quem tem juízo!😂😅🥰

  13. Kas

    If I alternate this workout along with your 45 minute full body dumbbell work out 5 days out the week while on a diet, would it be enough to lose weight?

  14. Andre

    this was hard! what's the level of this work out? Hugs from Brazil

  15. Bridget Brotherton

    Used this workout with my classes of high school 10th-12th graders and they liked it! It was a good challenge and adaptable for a variety of fitness levels.

  16. Chayamon Canyuk

    I love your workout videos, especially this one! Love the design of the video, the minimal/loft background, the music beat and the fact that each work is only 24-30 seconds long, so I don't feel too fatigued or bored with each exercise. And most of all, I love that you included the warm up and cool down routine too. Overall, it's just perfect!! ❤️
    Thank you so much for turning a couch potato like me to be someone who's looking forward to exercise every morning. Keep up the good work!!
    And if possible, could you please make some kickboxing workout videos? I think it would be so much fun. Thank you.
    Love, from Thailand.

  17. TheIslander688

    Loss 500ml of sweat to this workout, good work guys❤🔥just wanna know if there any diet program to loose weight👍

  18. Katierra Caldwell

    I loved this workout. It challenges you in all the right ways

  19. Alexandre Xie

    It’s very nice program and thanks ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍!

  20. Asmi Ahluwalia

    This is my first time trying your channel. I absolutely loved it! Supper sweaty and cardio and amazing! Thanks!

  21. No Viz Adventures

    Plank walk..: I don’t even understand how my plant talk

  22. Laura McQuaid

    Hi Guys! Just found your channel! Cannot wait to try some HIT classes. They look awesome! Thank you so much1

  23. Mykhailo S.

    Juice & Toya you are Awesome!
    Training videos very effective!
    Seconds of rounds, percentage of training, short video next exercise, music 💛💙… Filigree!! I wish you the best!💗
    I'm writing from Ukraine, we have war right now… workout one of the best help to keep calm

  24. Shelia Jensen

    The accessible legal minimally treat because employer briefly zip amongst a oval design. rare, unknown italy

  25. Andrea Mateo

    Awesome workout my second time doing it and it’s a burn 🔥‼️

  26. Aine Lenaghan

    I'm doing a solid upper body today. This was perfect before. Loved the core section at end. I'm sweating. Just came across this last week. What a lovely couple bringing us all these great workout.. thankyou. Your both awesome and so positive 😃🤗

  27. SB

    Thanks for my morning hiit session, really enjoyable, now for my beginner weights session💐

  28. Anna Nguyen

    Toya! Can you share what sneakers you're wearing? LOVE them!

  29. Ada Onwuteaka

    This got me sweating and feeling good and all set for the day. Thank you.

  30. Bob Friesen

    Great workout as always. Thanks for the warm-up and cool-down. My wife and I appreciate the video preview of the next activity, it encourages us to try new workouts because you provide great example of each move before they happen. Keep up the good work.

  31. Sonya Michel

    Love this workout u really feel and fun

  32. Annagrazia D'Aló

    you guys are incredible! I wasn't going to do it all, but I just ended up at the end sweating so much but it is so enjoyable! Thank you guys, it really felt for my brain like 10 minutes, i love your work outs❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  33. hello

    I feel so good righ now I subscribed thank you

  34. مرووكي✌️

    بعد اليوم ليس لنا العذر على عدم التدرب شكرا لكم من المغرب ❤️✌️

  35. Dark

    im a 13 yr old boy who has been doing this workout for 38 days straight! seeing a big difference in my body. im feeling more energized and stronger. Thank you juice and toya!

  36. Nikkie McCutchan

    You guys are freaking awesome. I consider myself a pretty fit individual and this workout kicked my a$$. Thank you!!!!

  37. Trisha Inocencio

    loving this workout! does anyone know what kind of excercise mat they are using? i'm going to invest in one so that i can avoid slipping from my floor and i was just wondering if anyone have good recommendations? thanks in advance!


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