30 Min Mood Boost HIIT Weight Loss Workout at Home


by growwithjo



Its time to get our heart rate up and sweat it out to some vibes tunes to elevate our mood and our heart rate!

Did you know that even losing 5% of your body fat can significantly improve your health? If you stay consistent with these workouts, you will see results! All you have to do is follow this workout or any of my other workouts here on YouTube at least 4x per week, DECREASE (not eliminate) your processed sugar intake, and increase your water intake.

Doesn’t sound like much, but these 3 simple steps will get you well on your way to losing 5% body fat in the next 30 days. Keep track of your progress in the comments below 🙂

What is a HIIT workout?
A HIIT workout is a workout that combines short bursts of intense activity with periods of rest or lower intensity! This helps elevate your heart rate and is very effective at burning body fat, and maintaining lean muscle.

In todays workout we will be combining walking with some full body exercises to get us sweating!

This workout is 30 minutes, but if you have any trouble keeping up at any point, dont be afraid to pause or stop and come back to it again tomorrow. Just promise me that you will push yourself a little harder tomorrow to pass what you did today! This is how we see RESULTS and ultimately change!

Stay consistent with your workouts and I promise you, you will see a change. Make sure also that you are drinking plenty of water. You will sweat a lot doing growwithjo workouts, so youve gotta replenish that water to be optimally functioning and to see the most progress!

You’ve got this babe!

Workout Stats:
Apple Watch setting: Indoor Walk
Calories Burned: 265**
Level of Intensity: 8/10
Level of fun: 10/10

**calories burned will vary depending on your weight, height, age, and how vigorously you performed the exercise! When I film my YouTube workouts, I almost over-exaggerate the exercises to make sure you know how to do them. If you find that you aren’t burning as much as me, it could be due to many factors! Dont be discouraged. The calorie burn isn’t that important to be honest. I just put it here for reference 🙂

If you’ve read through this entire caption, make sure to comment below what types of workouts your like best- HIIT/Tabata/Weights/Mile Walks?

When you leave a comment below, I will know that youve read the entire description! See you in the comments 😉



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Record a video or take a picture of you doing the workout, tag me @growwithjo #growwithjo @growwithjo_unified

To get the BEST (AND QUICKER) RESULTS, follow a nutrition plan that supports your goals. Get a customized nutrition plan in my app.

Hit this link to try your customized plan FREE for 7 days: https://get.growwithjo.app/UVuo/myapp



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  1. Moriah Gutierrez

    I love your videos so much Jo! Because of you, I've been exercising consistently for about 2 months now and I've lost 9 lbs so far! I was really sick last week and had to take a week off of working out and coming back and fighting to be consistent was a challenge but this workout helped me jump back in. You're out here doin the Lord's work! Bless you for all the encouragement you bring ❤

  2. Mackenzie

    hello. I’m new to this channel.
    I’ve tried following other YouTube workout video, but yours is just different (good different🤤)
    Your video is just so relaxing to follow you and is almost like not work outing at all, I feel like just having friend with a friend. Please do more video I love it so much.

    Would it be possible if you do a 30 days challenge. Kinda like 30 days work out video we can follow along with 30 days. It would be amazing ❤️❤️

  3. Angelina Porres

    I like the mile walk ones, but I'm trying a new one!

  4. MATT VW

    Thanks you 🇨🇵⚘😉

  5. Céline

    Merci! From Belgium

  6. Queen

    Completed ✅😘❤️😘😘

  7. Janet's BFF

    Thank you so much for this!!! ♥️♥️♥️

  8. Rachel A

    Apple Watch friends- what exercise do you put your watch on for this?!

  9. Cindy Wade

    Going to do this work out from today for the next 30 days. It's my 10 year anniversary 1 May so I have a goal in mind. Thanks so much Jo!

  10. Gina Green

    so great sweat all right enjoyed time went so fast

  11. Tonya Davis

    First time doing this. Really like it. Doing it for the month of April. Thanks for all your work you do for us.

  12. Gibbers King

    You should take a poll: how many of us cry after a workout with you? Happy, accomplished, I did it (my way) and moved with Jo, tears? All the best to all on this YT channel… have a good day! (Now, hit the shower!)

  13. noodlie aloon

    I'm in love with your workouts Jo!!! I've been doing various ones for 2 weeks now and I've already lost 5 pounds. That's far more than I ever expected. But even better than that, I'm slowly regaining confidence I had lost for years and am starting to feel good again :)) keep going guys, we can do this!!

  14. Issa Melanin

    Finally got consistent in the gym and stopped my indoor walking, but since you added more, I’m getting back to it! Keep it up jo! Definitely my weight lose inspiration ✨✨✨

  15. Lana T

    Amazing workout Jo! Thanks so much for this great 30 minutes of fun movement today!

  16. roeshaana lakay

    50% of me is here to get a good workout and the other 50% is here to watch cute little Bently sleep. Haha! Thank you for everything you do Jo! These workouts changed my life <3 🙂

  17. Hibba Yassir

    Is it okay to drink water in between workout like I drank before the water break 🥲✋

  18. Narda Jones

    Thank you I really enjoyed that🎶💋

  19. Fayon Chan

    شكرًا لك ..thank u so much and thanks for your hard work, I love your smile

  20. kikky811

    I subscribed to your channel last week after stumbling across your workout videos. Yours are the first ones that I find simple yet challenging & effective! I have done a workout from your channel every day for a week now and I keep wanting to come back for more. I have been out of shape for far too long and I finally feel like I can do this & without a Pelaton! Thank you!

  21. Alyssa LaComb

    This one ALWAYS kicks my ass I can’t keep up with you jumping yet but soon!!! Thank you for helping me lose 6 pounds WOOT WOOT!!! Slowly but surely 🌸💜

  22. stphill79

    I just did this workout and I really enjoyed it. Thanks Jo

  23. Fatima Zahra

    If I could give you more than 1 like I would give you millions of like 🥰 truly thankful for this great workout.

  24. maiyoc34

    Day 2 of doing this workout, and I feel sore. 😭 But i will continue doing this i really want to loose my belly fat. 🥰

  25. Dee Dee

    Your workouts are so much fun and so inspirational. I don't. always want to work out but I make myself get up and do it anyway. Once I get started don't want to stop.

  26. Kids Fun

    Really good 👍 👌 👏 I love it its easy and quick..

  27. Suki V

    I can’t believe how I just did this whole routine and want to do it every day. Yesss!! Wow super fun

  28. Suki V

    I can’t believe how I just did this whole routine and want to do it every day. Yesss!! Wow super fun

  29. Shea Steele

    This has to be my favorite pusher ❤️ it's been easy to include into my day!

  30. Jessica Gairrett

    HIIT workouts are my favorite! can't wait to try this one out.

  31. Veronica Vico

    i Just wanted say thanks! you simply made my day, my week and even my month. such a visible results in few weeks.
    thanks 😊

  32. J. J.

    It's my first workout with you, it was amazing. NOW I'm very sweared and happy. I hope I will do it everyday 😁 xoxo for Jo from Jo :😘


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